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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Silkbind Attacks With High Damage

Tear through the beasts of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak using the high damage Silkbind attacks shown in this guide.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Silkbind Attacks With High Damage

There are various Silkbind attacks that you can use in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to deal tons of damage and cleave through the tougher monsters in the game when you're in a pinch. But what are the most powerful Silkbind attacks and how do you choose the right ones to use for yourself?

If you find yourself asking yourself these questions, then you're in luck. As we've broken down the top 5 best Silkbind attacks that you should be using the next time you play Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to give you the edge over the powerful monsters that roam the lands of Elgado.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Silkbind Attacks With High Damage

Skyward Thrust (Lance Build)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Silkbind Attacks With High Damage Skyward Thrust
The Skyward Thrust is a powerful SIlkbind attack for Lance users in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

The Skyward Thrust is for the Lance build connoisseurs among us who love the power, reach and speed the Lance can give you when you know how to use it. This ability works by delivering an initial strike with your lance, then launching yourself into the air, grabbing the ground, and hurling yourself towards the earth, impaling whoever is foolish enough to be in your way.

This attack is already quite powerful and scales even more for dedicated Lance users. The only drawback is the ability's recovery time, but if you can land that hit, you'll deal tons of damage, and look pretty cool at the same time.

Mech Silkbind Shot (Light Bowgun Build)

The Mech Silkbin Shot is powerful but also quite useful at the same time. It allows you to fire a barrage of purified ammo loaded with Ironsilk into a monster, that then lodges Ironsilk into the monster. If any of these are then hit with any of your follow-up attacks, they increase the chance of the monster part breaking or making the monster mountable.

This is a powerful ability for those who are Light Bowgun users who want an attack that can deal some heavy damage with the initial volley. BUt also gives you an extra advantage thanks to the Ironsilk ability.

Shield Bash (Sword and Shield Build)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Silkbind Attacks With High Damage Shield bash
The Shield Bash Silkbind attack is a versatile offensive and defensive attack for and sword and shield user. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

This attack leverages the speed and combo potential of the sword and shield build. By rushing your enemy with your shield, then being able to follow up with a variety of attacks and when timed right, can even parry an incoming attack and follow up with a counter combo, you can get some high damage layering with this attack.

What makes it especially dangerous is the quick recovery time for this skill and the fact that this is an impact attack, so you'll be knocking monsters out with this attack more often than not. Leaving them open to receive an absolute curb stomp with your flurry of combos.

Bullet Barrage (Gunlance Build)

The Gunlance has been a popular choice for Monster Hunter fans of late and we can see why, with the ability to hurl yourself towards a target monster and unleash a barrage of ammo on top of a powerful strike, what's not to love? This attack not only looks great, but you can deal a high amount of damage in an extremely short time, making it perfect for finishing off those pesky beasts.

The ability does come with the drawback of having a fairly long recovery time, but when you're a dedicated Gunlance user, chances are you'll know how to position yourself to make time to charge this devastating attack.

Strongarm Stance (Greatsword Build)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Silkbind Attacks With High Damage Strongarm stance
The Strongarm Stance Silkbind attack is considered the one of the most powerful attacks in the game, and for good reason. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Finally, the weapon that is almost synonymous with monster Hunter gives us the Strongarm Stance, and though it and Surge Slash Combo are head to head in the meta, most players still stand by the Strongarm Stance as the best of the best. The attack allows you to reinforce your arms and sword to temporarily fend off any attacks, and if you're hit while charging it, you'll have a chance to parry and quickly counter with an insanely powerful attack.

This attack hits hard, there's no way around that, it's simply a devastating attack to land after taking a hit, and if you're a greatsword user, you know that bouncing back even harder is vital to your survival. Making this attack not only deadly but gives you a saving grace if you take a hit unexpectedly or you choose to take it and capitalize on the free counter.

We'd like to thank YouTube Channel RageGamingVideos for their full video on the 5 best new Silkbin Attacks to use in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. For more of their amazing content, consider subscribing to their channel.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.