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MHR Sunbreak - All Anomaly Quests And Afflicted Monster Parts

Anomaly Quests are key to crafting powerful endgame weaponry. Here are all the quests and their Afflicted Monster Parts in MHR: Sunbreak.
MHR Sunbreak - All Anomaly Quests And Afflicted Monster Parts

Anomaly Quests are a new type of endgame mission that Hunters can complete in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. These quests are extremely difficult and can only be started after achieving Master Rank. However, once completed, Anomaly Quests unlock the materials necessary to craft some of the best armor and weapons, Afflicted Monster Parts.

This guide details everything about Anomaly Quests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including how to unlock them and all the associated Afflicted Monsters and their Monster Parts. 

MHR Sunbreak - How To Unlock Anomaly Quests

how to unlock anomaly quests afflicted monster parts mhrise sunbreak
Once you’ve reached Master Rank, you can pursue Qurio-Afflicted Monsters to obtain Afflicted Monster Parts. (Picture: Capcom) 

Hunters can unlock Anomaly Quests after they have completed the main story. These missions comprise special hunts against Monsters driven mad by the Qurio creatures. Aptly dubbed "Afflicted Monsters," Hunters can identify Afflicted Monsters by the glowing red hue on their bodies.

Afflicted Monsters featured in Anomaly Quests are a level above Master Rank (MR). As a result, Hunters can only unlock them upon reaching MR 10 and speaking with Bahari the Scientist

Notably, Hunters can only fight one Qurio-Afflicted Monster per Anomaly Quest; each Quest is only unlocked after defeating the regular MR version of a monster. Afflicted Monsters are divided by a Star Rating, and by reaching certain MR Caps, Hunters can unlock new Star Ratings.

MHR Sunbreak - All Anomaly Quests And Afflicted Parts

Afflicted Garangolm anomaly quest monster hunter rise sunbreak
Afflicted Monster Garangolm has a 4-star Afflicted Rating. (Picture: YouTuber / Darcblade)

We have compiled a list of all Anomaly Quests and the Afflicted Monster Parts associated with them:

  • Anomaly Research: Arzuros - Afflicted Bone
  • Anomaly Research: Great Izuchi - Afflicted Pelt
  • Anomaly Research: Great Baggi - Afflicted Pelt
  • Anomaly Research: Great Wroggi - Afflicted Pelt
  • Anomaly Research: Volvidon - Afflicted Bone
  • Anomaly Research: Kulu-Ya-Ku - Afflicted Pelt
  • Anomaly Research: Lagombi - Afflicted Bone
  • Anomaly Research: Aknosom - Afflicted Monster Bone
  • Anomaly Research: Tetranadon - Afflicted Blood
  • Anomaly Research: Royal Ludroth - Afflicted Monster Bone
  • Anomaly Research: Daimyo Hermitaur - Afflicted Blood
  • Anomaly Research: Barroth - Afflicted Monster Bone
  • Anomaly Research: Basarios - Afflicted Monster Bone
  • Anomaly Research: Bishaten - Afflicted Blood
  • Anomaly Research: Khezu - Afflicted Blood
  • Anomaly Research: Blood Orange Bishaten - Afflicted Shell
  • Anomaly Research: Tobi-Kadachi - Afflicted Scale
  • Anomaly Research: Rathian - Afflicted Scale
  • Anomaly Research: Somnacanth - Afflicted Shell
  • Anomaly Research: Jyuratodus - Afflicted Shell
  • Anomaly Research: Anjanath - Afflicted Scale
  • Anomaly Research: Pukei-Pukei - Afflicted Scale
  • Anomaly Research: Shogun Ceanataur - Afflicted Shell
  • Anomaly Research: Garangolm - Afflicted Fang
  • Anomaly Research: Aurora Somnacanth - Afflicted Claw
  • Anomaly Research: Goss Harag - Afflicted Claw
  • Anomaly Research: Magnamalo - Afflicted Fang
  • Anomaly Research: Rakna-Kadaki - Afflicted Claw
  • Anomaly Research: Nargacuga - Afflicted Fang
  • Anomaly Research: Barioth - Afflicted Fang
  • Anomaly Research: Almudron - Afflicted Claw

We want to thank YouTuber Darcblade for their guide on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Please consider subscribing to their channel and checking out the video embedded below for more epic content. Also, we extend a special thank you to Fextralife for their wiki on Anomaly Quests.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.