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MHR Sunbreak Layered Armor Guide - How To Unlock And Craft

Learn how to unlock the Master Rank version of Layered Armor in Capcom's latest Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.
MHR Sunbreak Layered Armor Guide - How To Unlock And Craft

You've likely been spending hours grinding for new Master Rank Armor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but it can take some time before you get the cosmetic Master Rank Layered Armor options. Even if you could craft layers in High Rank, you'll have to unlock it again in the new expansion.

While it's always awesome to be able to customize unique Armor cosmetics, you'll have some degree of grinding to do before the ability becomes available within Sunbreak. Even then, you'll have more material grinding ahead before you can get the Master Rank Layered Armor you want. But if you follow our guide, you'll have Master Rank cosmetics in no time.

MHR Sunbreak Master Rank Layered Armor Unlock Guide

Anomaly Quest afflicted monster parts layered master rank armor
Afflicted Monsters need to be hunted for Layered Armor. (Picture: YouTube / Ramez05)

Before thinking about Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you must hit a high enough rank. In this case, the rank is Master Rank 10, or MR10. Depending on where you are, you'll have a handful of hunts to complete. Unfortunately, MR10 is a bit ahead of the end of the main story, which ends around MR5 in Sunbreak.

To reach MR10 after beating the main story for the expansion, all you have to focus on is completing hunts of any kind and gaining some new ranks. After that, you can either complete quick and easy challenges or take on the hunts that pit you against three Master Rank monsters at a time. The latter will provide a ton of XP.

Once you reach MR10, you can access Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Research. These are marked in a light red or pinkish color and are the quests that contain Afflicted Monsters. Each Afflicted Monster is a tier above the normal Master Rank fight. The first Anomaly Quest given will be called "Anomaly Research: Azuros," and it will be an Urgent Quest.

Completing this Urgent Quest will immediately give you the option to craft your own Master Rank Layered Armor. If you go to any Smithy within Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you'll have the option under the Forge section.

Layered Crafting monster hunter sunbreak
Grind for all of the Outfit Voucher+ items that you can. (Picture: YouTube / Ramez05)

At this point, you're going to need some Outfit Voucher+ items. These are earned every time you complete an Anomaly Quest. Typically, one or two are given as rewards on a successful Anomaly hunt, and it's the only way to start racking them up.

With Outfit Voucher+ items in hand, you can start trading in specific Monster materials to craft the Layered Armor you desire. As long as you've previously hunted the specific Monster and have enough parts to spend, then you will have the selection unlocked.

On top of the usual Armor grinding, the Master Rank Layered Armor in Sunbreak will require extra time and effort. Anomaly Quests will be especially difficult, so best of luck in a solo fight or with your fellow Hunters!

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Ramez05.