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All New Skills In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 1

Here's a breakdown of all the new skills that you should try out In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak's Title Update 1.
All New Skills In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 1

With Monster hunter Rise Sunbreak's Title Update 1 here, players have tons of new content to explore as they venture out into Elgado once more. One of the new additions to the game is the well of new skills that have been added to help you take down the violent creatures that roam the land. 

So let's look at all the new skills in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreaks Title Update 1. As we discuss how each of them works, what their best use cases are, and give you some insight into each of them so you can decide which one you want to try out first. 

All New Skills In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 1

All New Skills In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 1 new monsters and Armor sets
The new skills are collected from the new monsters in the Title Update 1. (Pciture: Capcom)

The new skills come from specific armor sets that players can find and acquire by defeating some of the powerful new monsters that have been added to Monster Hunter Rises Sunbreak in its Title Update 1. So be prepared to go hunting if you fancy one of these powerful skills. 

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush can be acquired on Lucent Nargacuga's armor set and is activated when the player performs a perfectly timed evade just as the monster attacks. Doing so successfully gives you a substantial attack boost (of up to +30) for roughly 30 seconds. 

All New Skills In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 1 Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush gives you a boost for successfully evading an attack. (Picture: YouTube / AngBata 11)

This skill is a massive boost for Bow players as you can keep your distance but get a free damage boost as you dodge monsters' attacks from a distance. And since it's an evade, you can dodge any attack, and it will trigger the Adrenaline Rush. 

Element Exploit

Elemental Exploit is found on the Silver Rathalos' armor set, and its skill allows you to increase your elemental damage when attacking body parts that are weak to the current element you are using. making this a boon for elemental weapon users. 

Regardless of the weapon sites that you use, long-range attackers such as Bowgun and Gunlance users, etc. will benefit highly from this as the rapid attacks can compound quickly, dealing tons of damage. 

Sneak Attack

This skill can be acquired on Lucent Nargacuga's armor set as well, and as the name Sneak attack implies, you will essentially deal extra damage to large monsters if you attack them from behind. And the "from behind" aspect is relative since you don't have to be directly behind it, the monster just shouldn't be looking at you. 

This means if the monsters are distracted, and you can find a way to strafe around them and attack from behind, or at any angle where the monster is not looking at you, you'll deal way more damage. Making it a skill that has a few tactical uses as well. 


The Guts skill is found on the Seething Bazelgeuse armor set and is more of a self-support skill, as it allows you to prevent fainting once when you take damage that exceeds a certain amount of your remaining health pool. Not necessarily an offensive skill, but one worth having if you love to run head first into battle and tank many hits from the monsters. 

Status Trigger

Status Trigger is found on Gold Rathian armor, and the skill requires you to perform a perfectly timed evade just as the monster attacks to trigger an abnormal status buildup on it. This means that every hit you deal will inflict a status build-up on the creature.

All New Skills In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 1 Status trigger
Status trigger gives you a boost if you can land multiple consecutive hits. (Picture: YouTube / AngBata 11)

This is more effective on melee builds as after doing and closing in for melee combos can deal tons of damage, and also give you more chances to inflict the buildup. Whereas guns deal the effect each time you begin to fire and stop firing. 


The last skill from Gold Rathian armor grants the player an increase in defense when large monsters become enraged. This is once again a more defensive skill and is useful for those who want some extra insurance when taking on the larger monsters. 

We would like to thank YouTube Channel AngBata 11 for their full guide on all the new skills and how they work in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Consider subscribing to their channel for more of their awesome content. 

And that's all. For more related content, head to our section dedicated to Monster Hunter Rise news, updates, guides, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.