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Storm Shadow Actor As Jin Sakai In Ghost Of Tsushima Movie?

Andrew Koji, the talented actor who played Storm Shadow in the 2021 Snake Eyes movie, is now pushing to play Jin Sakai in the Ghost of Tsushima film!
Storm Shadow Actor As Jin Sakai In Ghost Of Tsushima Movie?

There's no doubt that Sucker Punch Productions' Ghost of Tsushima was a massive success as a title, winning the PlayStation Official Magazine Game of the Year honors in 2021. In fact, the title was such a hit that the game developers and Sony decided to adapt the game into a film that is set to debut at a later date.

While details around the Ghost of Tsushima movie remain a bit murky, there's at least enough substance that prominent actors are already pushing for roles in the film. One of the more notable names throwing his hat into the ring comes from another exciting release, the Snake Eyes movie from 2021. Check out all the details below after the Storm Shadow actor from Snake Eyes showed interest in the Ghost of Tsushima movie.

Andrew Koji Ghost of Tsushima Movie - Will he get the role?

Ghost of Tsushima Storm Shadow
Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima would be a similar martial-arts warrior role to Storm Shadow of the Snake Eyes movie. (Picture: Sucker Punch Productions)

Making a name for himself in the cinematic world through his superb performances in both Bullet Train and the Snake Eyes movie, Andrew Koji has quickly risen to fame in recent years. It seems as though Koji is set on his next endeavor, and many fans will be supremely excited about his choice.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Koji stated "I’m going after Ghost of Tsushima – that’s what I’m going to do...I'd make a really good Jin Sakai.” Koji added that he has played through the entirety of Ghost of Tsushima two different times, which will delight the purists.

In a full explanation, Koji revealed his thought surrounding the potential of the film “I was thinking about it because [the adaptation has] been on the horizon, all the team talking about it. It would have to stand by itself, because the game’s so good. Let that exist by itself, and the film should be something slightly different. That’s the problem with those video game films.”

Ghost of Tsushima movie scene
Ghost of Tsushima produced so many stunning visuals which would translate brilliantly to a cinematic experience. (Picture: Sucker Punch Productions)

It certainly seems like Sony is beginning to make it a point to translate some of their more popular titles into film adaptations. Recently we've seen Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg star in the Uncharted movie, and now Ghost of Tsushima doesn't look to be far behind.

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Featured image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.