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Netflix's Resident Evil Adaptation Is An Overwhelming Disappointment

Metacritic reviews slammed Netflix's Resident evil series as a slapdash, poorly adapted mess of "regurgitated woke trash" with stupid dialogue.
Netflix's Resident Evil Adaptation Is An Overwhelming Disappointment

Resident Evil is a fan-favorite franchise with countless games, spin-offs, and adaptations. The newest of these is the Resident Evil Netflix series, the first season debuting in mid-July 2022. 

While many fans were excited about the series' release, it has unfortunately not gone over well with many of them, nor has it impressed critics. 

Here is everything you need to know about why fans are so upset with the Netflix adaptation of Resident Evil. 

Resident Evil Netflix Series Disappoints Fans

Resident Evil Jade Wesker
Many fans were disappointed that fan-favorite characters did not return in the Netflix adaptation. (Picture: Netflix)

The Resident Evil Netflix series incorporates some elements of the original Resident Evil games but changes various aspects and introduces new characters. 

The series features Albert Wesker's daughter, Jade, as she explores a monster-infested New Racoon City and uncovers secrets about her father. It's set in 2036, after most of the Resident Evil games. 

Perhaps due to these changes in setting and characters, the series did not go over well with fans... at all. 

The series received just a 1.8/10 User Score, with overwhelmingly negative reviews. It faired only slightly better with Metascore critics, who rated it an average of 58. 

Many fans complained about the stark differences between the Resident Evil games and the new Netflix series, pointing out that the series makes little use of the series' vast lore.

Lance Reddick Albert Wesker Resident Evil
Lance Reddick takes on the role of Albert Wesker in Resident Evil's Netflix adaptation. (Picture: Netflix)

"Take a franchise from 1996 with a dedicated global fan base, remove most of the original characters, remove all of the charm, the lore, the well crafted horror and substitute in a tasteless boiler plate ‘zombie apocalypse’ mess," said user reviewer Wolfstan47. 

Others expressed their frustration with the series' poor writing and dialogue, use of cliches, and slow pace.

"This isn't Resident Evil," one reviewer, Faranr, wrote. "This is a teen drama with sprinkled zombies to move the drama forward. The writing is quite simply the worst I've seen in any type of format, movie, game or series."

The Resident Evil Netflix series did not just fail on Metacritic; reviews are struggling elsewhere, too. The series received a 3.6/10 score on IMDB and only a 25% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix.