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MultiVersus Arya Stark Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials, And More

Steal faces and utilize insane combos with all of the best Arya Stark perks and moves in MultiVersus.
MultiVersus Arya Stark Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials, And More

MultiVersus is full of unique characters that most fans would never expect to see in a game together, and Arya Stark is certainly at the top of that list. The Game of Thrones assassin and member of House Stark has a ton of mobility and combo potential for everyone to learn.

There are different levels of character difficulty in MultiVersus that signify how long it can take to learn. Arya Stark is labeled as one of the expert characters and this is because of all her separate attacks and the setup that they can require. You'll learn quickly that Arya's moves can wipe a team or get yourself knocked out.

Every Arya Stark perk guide:MultiVersus

Arya Stark Perks
Arya is based on offense and utility. (Picture: WB Games)

Every character in MultiVersus has a set of perks that are unlocked by leveling that specific character up. They are typically split into utility, offense, and defense sections based on the stats they provide. All of the normal perks can eventually be trained for any character, and they act as passive bonuses.

Signature perks on characters such as Arya Stark are reserved for that character alone. Typically there are about two or three signature perks on a character and they can alter the way an entire attack operates. All of the character-specific perks for Arya are listed below.

Utility Perks

  • Fancy Footwork - Your team receives 5% increased dodge distance. 
  • Leg Day Champ - Your team receives 10% increased jump height. 

Offensive Perks

  • Snowball Effect - Your team deals 7% increased damage against the fighter with the highest damage. 
  • Second Wind - Your team refreshes air special attacks after ringing out an enemy. 
  • Percussive Punch Power - Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that knockback enemies horizontally. 
  • Armor Crush - Your team's fully charged attacks break armor. 

Signature Perks

  • Betrayal - Hitting an ally with Arya's dagger has a longer cooldown, but the ally is given an enraged buff. If Arya dashes to a dagger on an ally, she enrages herself. 
  • Trophy -When Arya knocks out an enemy, she automatically obtains their face. 

All of these perks are just the start of learning Arya Stark. She has plenty of attacks to master and her passive offers up some fantastic opportunities to backstab players off the arena.

All Arya Stark attacks and specials in MultiVersus

Arya Stark attacks
Steal faces and land critical hits. (Picture: WB Games)

Every character in MultiVersus has an extensive list of moves that are considered normal attacks and specials. They can either be done from neutral, in the air, or while moving to get different effects. Everything you need to know about Arya Stark and her moves is listed below.


  • Needle Strike - Arya steps back, charges a forward rapier stab. This attack is overridden to her victim's Ground Neutral Normal if she has their face, consuming 1 stack. 
  • Shark Edges - A combo of a rapier swing and a knife stab. 
  • Upward Slash - Arya charges and swings her sword upward. 
  • Rolling Slash - Arya rolls forward, crouching under attacks, then swipes her sword downward behind her. 
  • Knife Flourish - Arya twirls her knife downward. This attack is overridden by her victim's Aerial Neutral Normal if she has their face, consuming 1 stack. 
  • Aerial Slash - Arya charges a forward sword slash.
  • Whirling Stab - Arya does an upward spin attack with her knife. 
  • Stinger - Arya charges a precision stab straight downward. 

Special Attacks

  • Face Stealer - Arya grabs a fighter to steal their face. Once she has a face, press the input again to send out a shockwave that stuns enemies while Arya does a taunt disguised as that fighter. Taking an ally's face has a cooldown. 
  • Knife Thrower - Arya throws a knife projectile that can attach to fighters. Attaching to fighters reduces cooldown. Press the input again and Arya dashes to the knife's location, hitting enemies as she dashes. On cooldown, Arya does a spinning stab forward that breaks armor. 
  • Dagger Slash - Arya does a knife swipe overhead. If she hits an enemy, she will dash in the direction they are knocked in. 
  • Blade Sharpener - Arya dashes to a nearby ally and gives both her and her ally disorient causes the next melee attack to break armor and flip the enemy to face away from Arya or her ally. On cooldown, Arya does not dash, can only give herself disorient, and the duration of the buff is shorter. 

Passive Abilities

  • Critical Hit - Arya deals increased damage with melee attacks if she hits enemies in the back. Arya and her ally briefly gain disorient whenever she neutral dodges an attack. Arya becomes enraged when her allies are knocked out, making her next attack deal maximum stacks of weakened. When Arya knocks out an enemy, she spawns a pie that will both heal allies and deal slow to enemies.
  • Glass Cannon - Assassins have a high speed and high damage but they lack durability. As a result, assassins take 14% additional damage from all sources. 

Utilize your speed and face stealing as much as you can on Arya Stark to reach her full potential. The backstab potential and critical hits will also ensure that you can dish out some massive damage against enemy players. Learning her will take some time, but it's worth the investment.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.