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How To Unlock Rick Sanchez In MultiVersus

Rick Sanchez is available in MultiVersus. Learn how to unlock Rick with our easy-to-follow guide on the latest character addition.
How To Unlock Rick Sanchez In MultiVersus

The MultiVersus roster is expanding once again and this time, Rick Sanchez from the hit television series, Rick and Morty, will become the next playable character added to this star-studded game. The nihilistic scientist will be a mage/ranged class character; one of only three next to Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry.

Rick is following the recent release of Gizmo in MultiVersus. With Rick coming out on September 27 at 10 am PST, players should know how to unlock him. Thankfully, the process is not too demanding for those who want to play Rick.

Unlocking Rick Sanchez in MultiVersus

Playing with friends will get you 30% more gold to help you unlock Rick.
Playing with friends will get you 30% more gold to help you unlock Rick. (Picture YouTube Soulchat TV/ MultiVersus)

The most cost-efficient way for players to unlock Rick Sanchez in MultiVersus is through spending gold in the game. Gold is an in-game currency and there are multiple ways to obtain it.

Players can obtain more gold by doing starter missions or leveling up their battle pass. Players can even earn 30% more gold by teaming up with a friend. Starter missions can be completed through AI battles as well, so players can do them much faster.

Playing matches will also allow you to earn gold, so playing with friends has its advantages. Typically, character unlocks through gold cost around 1,500 to 3,000 gold depending on the character.

Gleamium is another common way players can obtain Rick. Gleamium is an in-game currency that can only be obtained by using real-world money.

So if you are willing to open your wallet to unlock Rick in MultiVersus, this will likely cost you 700 Gleamium. That translates to around $7.

The last way players can unlock Rick is through the use of Character Tickets. This is a bit more difficult to obtain as they are only available through the purchase of a copy of the MultiVersus Founder's Pack. These are typically sold at retail or online console stores.

A new skin for Steven Universe will also become available when Rick releases.
A new skin for Steven Universe will also become available when Rick releases. (Picture: MultiVersus/WB Games

For example, the Standard Founder's Pack on the PlayStation Network can be bought for $39.99 and it will get you 15 Character Tickets.

Having more Character Tickets will allow you to unlock more upcoming characters in the future, so it might be worth considering purchasing a Founder's Pack.

With the MultiVersus Season 1.03 update hitting soon, players who want to use Rick need to decide which method works best for them to unlock this new character.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / MultiVersus.