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MultiVersus Iron Giant Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Check out our detailed guide on how to play Iron Giant in MultiVersus including all the best Perks, Moves, Specials, and more.
MultiVersus Iron Giant Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

One of the most unique characters in all of MultiVersus, Iron Giant is a classic Warner Bros figure who's recognized and loved by so many. As one of, if not the biggest characters in the new Fighting game, Iron Giant can take some time to get used to, but when played correctly, is one of the best characters to use.

The Iron Giant is classified as a Colossus-Tank character and he is able to take massive amounts of damage. You'll want to take a deep dive into all the intricacies of the massive machine, so follow along with our guide here on all the best MultiVersus Iron Giant Perks, Moves, Specials, and more.

Best Iron Giant perks in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Iron Giant
The Iron Giant has some interesting perks in MultiVersus. (Picture: WB Games)

While the Iron Giant is a massive character in MultiVersus and thus, carries a very large hitbox, there are unique features that work as an advantage as well.

For starters, the Iron Giant is able to hit multiple opponents quite easily thanks to a great reach and range of attacks, and the available perks also make this character quite an enticing selection.

  • Signature Perk: Afterburners

This is a Signature Perk that will boost the power of down attacks that use the Iron Giant's rocket boots. The boots will also leave a trail of flame on the ground that can ignite opponents and set them up for further damage.

  • Perk 1: The Purest of Motivations

The Purest of Motivations isn't recommended for many MultiVersus characters, but with the Iron Giant carrying such a high damage threshold, it can be used well here. This perk will allow you to deal increased damage for limited time periods after an ally is rung out.

  • Perk 2: Wrong Side of the Bed

This perk will set up the Iron Giant to deal massive damage shortly after the match begins. With Wrong Side of the Bed, the Rage bar is already partially filled at the start of each life. You'll see later on in this post why the Rage bar is so important to the Iron Giant.

  • Perk 3: Wildcat Brawler

This is a fairly standard perk selection for tanks and brawling-style characters. Wildcat Brawler will increase your team's melee attack damage % while on the ground, perfect for the Iron Giant to put his chin down and walk forward into the chaos.

All Iron Giant attacks in MultiVersus

Let's take a look at Iron Giant's different attacks in MultiVersus. There will be Ground attacks, Air attacks, and Special moves to choose from. Here are all of Iron Giant's moves in MultiVersus.

Ground Attacks

  • Metal Eater - Iron Giant charges a chomp that breaks armor.
    • Rage mode - Iron Giant charges a forward kick.
  • Car-Lateral Damage / Martian Laser - Iron Giant delivers a combo smashing a car and then sits on it to quiet its horn.
    • Rage mode - Iron Giant charges multiple shots of a laser projectile.
  • Caution: Flying Metal - Iron Giant charges then hurls a scrap metal item upward.
    • Rage mode - Iron Giant fires 3 missile projectiles overhead that shoot downward. Missiles can be fired multiple times before cooldown applies.
  • That... Is Art! / Hydraulic Stomp - Iron Giant plants an artwork item, knocking nearby enemies downward. Allies that pick up the artwork receive a Thorn Buff.
    • Rage mode - Iron Giant charges then slams his foot, creating a shockwave. Charging increases the distance of the shockwave.

Air Attacks

  • Booster Barrage - Iron Giant spins his legs around him while firing his rocket boots, hitting multiple times and consuming fuel. He can charge to increase the duration of the attack but will consume more fuel.
  • Rocket Kick - Iron Giant lifts and fires his rocket boots forward, hitting multiple times and burning fuel.
  • Superman! - Iron Giant soars upwards with his fist held heroically (like Superman). Can be used to fly while attacking.
  • Blast Radius - Iron Giant ignites his rocket boots downward, creating a fire trail projectile that spreads along the ground. He can charge to continue the attack but will consume fuel.

Special Moves

  • Bolt Friends / Hyperstatic Assault - Iron Giant summons bolts to circle him. Each bolt acts similarly to armor but is immune to armor-breaking abilities. Can also be summoned while he is performing other moves. Iron Giant's allies receive gray health based on the number of bolts. Both will have an electric discharge after a short delay.
    • Rage mode - Iron Giant will fire a powerful electrical projectile. Separate cooldowns apply for both attacks. When Iron Giant picks up items, he will eat them, refreshing the cooldown for his bolts.
  • Carry On / Stunnalizer 3000 - Iron Giant will grab a nearby enemy. The enemy is stunned, and Iron Giant can carry them across the map. They are dropped after Iron Giant performs his next attack.
  • Rage mode - Iron Giant fires an energy orb that will stun enemies. cooldown applies to the energy projectile.
  • Systems are Go! / Electric Surge - Iron Giant spins a beat-up hot rod around himself, blocking projectiles. He can move and fly while attacking, and the direction of his movement will change the angle the hot rod spins.
    • Rage mode - Iron Giant summons an electrical strike up his body. cooldown applies to the electrical strike.
  • Cannonball! / Aerial Laser Blast - Iron Giant jumps into the air and then cannonballs downward. Before he jumps, he can move an aimer on the ground that will control where his cannonball lands.
    • Rage mode - Iron Giant fires a downward laser blast projectile. This attack can be charged to increase the range of the projectile.

Passive Skills

  • The Iron Giant does not have a double jump, but he does fly when holding the jump button. Flying activates his rocket boots, propelling him upwards, though flying does consume fuel.
  • The Iron Giant gives the thorn effect to allies which returns part of the damage suffered to the opponents
  • When Iron Giant inflicts damage or his ally suffers damage, he gains Rage. When full, he can enter Rage mode which will alter some of his attacks, and provides bonus gray health. The Iron Giant is also immune to knockback when in Rage mode. The Rage mode will end when the bonus gray health is depleted or after a period of time has passed. In Rage mode, allies can press the normal neutral key to pilot Iron Giant.
Iron Giant Superman MultiVersus
Jump into MultiVersus today and utilize our guide to play the Iron Giant. (Picture: WB Games)

That covers everything you'll need to know for how to play Iron Giant in MultiVersus.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.