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MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass - All Missions, Milestones And Rewards

With MultiVersus Season 1 debuting, this guide will cover everything you need to know about its Battle Pass, including rewards, missions, and milestones.
MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass - All Missions, Milestones And Rewards

It’s been a short while since Warner Bros unveiled MultiVersus to the world. Since then, the game’s become one of the most widely-played fighter titles of June and August 2022 and amassed thousands of registered players. With its success, especially as a game still in open beta, MultiVersus Season 1 has arrived on the doorsteps of its newly-acquired community.

On 15th August 2022, MultiVersus revealed its first season, detailing new characters for the crossover fighting game and various cosmetics, missions, and milestones within its Battle Pass. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Multiversus’ Season 1 Battle Pass to get the most bang out for your buck while the seasonal event lasts. 

MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass Rundown

play rick and morty multiversus
Players can now play Rick and Morty in MultiVersus. (Picture: WB Games)

Like most seasonal passes, MultiVersus features two variations of its Battle Pass: a free-to-play with fewer rewards and a premium purchasable one with every attainable prize. Do note the paid version costs roughly 950 Gleamium, equivalent to ten dollars.

Additionally, to progressively earn these rewards, you must acquire Battle Pass experience to level it up, as there are fifty tiers to get through while playing Multiversus.

Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

multiversus season 1 battle pass rewards
MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass features various cosmetics and rewards to acquire. (Picture: WB Games)

From a free-to-play standpoint, you’ll be able to acquire Banner, Profile Icons, Gold, Badges, Toasts, Stickers, Ringout Styles, and LeBron James Variant (called “I’m Freakin’ Robin”). 

But on the more premium side, you’ll get more character Variants, Taunts, Ringout VFXs, and generally more of everything.

Unlike other games’ seasonal passes, there isn’t any in-game currency (Gleamium) to acquire and save for the following seasons.

Season 1 Battle Pass Missions and Milestones

missions milestones multiversus season 1 battle pass
To progressively level your Battle Pass, you need to earn experience points through Missions and Milestones. (Picture: YouTube / LANDAN2006)

Like most seasonal passes, too, there are daily missions you can complete (that change randomly) to help you progress through the Battle Pass.

These missions can be in the form of completing matches or playing different characters.

Milestones are more cemented than Missions, and they’re a feature you need to complete over time because they are bigger goals. 

For example, some Milestones require you to Emote two hundred times in Multiversus. Others need you to slide or defeat enemies hundreds of times over. Each week, you’ll receive new Milestones to complete

gamers multiversus season 1 battle pass lebron james variant
For free-to-play gamers, tier fifty of MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass features a variant for Lebron James called I’m Freakin’ Robin. (Picture: WB Games)

But don’t fret. Compared to Season 0’s Battle Pass, the current seasonal pass is much more forgiving and allows players to progress faster than before.

Despite not being any rewarded Gleamium, buying the Battle Pass depends on whether it’s worth it. 

However, considering Warner Bros just announced Black Adam and Stripe alongside the games’ Season 1 debut, it might be worth picking it up for all the extra Gold and cosmetics.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.