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MultiVersus Velma Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Learn about all the perks and attacks that Velma has at her disposal as a support in MutiVersus.
MultiVersus Velma Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Velma is one of the only three support characters in MultiVersus so far, which means she has access to some unique perks and moves that enhance the overall kit. These characters aren't just based on defense and durability like some of the tanks. 

Instead, they provide a ton of utility to their teammate and can make a great player look fantastic. Velma has plenty of crowd control and debuff mechanics that she can use in MultiVersus to weaken the opposing team. It leaves them open for massive hits from a carry like Bugs Bunny or Finn.

Every Velma perk in MultiVersus

Velma Perks
Velma's perks are mainly offensive in nature. (Picture: WB Games)

Each of the fighters in MultiVersus has a list of powerful perks that are unlocked by leveling that specific character up. The perks are always split into utility, offense, and defense sections based on the stats they provide. All of the normal perks can eventually be trained for any character, and they act as passive bonuses which can be shared on a team.

On the other hand, signature perks are unique to a specific character like Velma. There are only two or three fighters, and they can alter how an entire attack works. All of the character-specific perks for Velma are listed below.

Utility Perks

  • Hit Me If You're Able - Your team receives 5% increased dodge speed. 

Offensive Perks

  • Deadshot - Your team deals 5% increased damage with projectiles. 
  • Painted Target - Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting enemies that are in hitstun. 
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper - Your team's projectiles deal 7% increased damage to far away victims. 
  • Ice to Beat You! - Your team's projectiles deal 1 stack of ice debuff if they knock enemies back. 

Defensive Perks

  • Slippery Customer - Your team receives a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window. 

Signature Perks

  • Studied - Velma spawns with 1 piece of evidence already collected. 
  • Knowledge Is Power - Velma's ally receives 7 gray health after picking up evidence. 

All of these perks are just the start of what you can do with Velma. They are important to ensuring you stay competitive in MultiVersus, but learning the attacks and specials that she has is far more important.

All Velma attacks and special moves in MultiVersus

Velma Attacks
There are a ton of attacks available in this support kit. (Picture: WB Games)

Move lists for every character are extensive and they have two sets of moves to look out for. There are normal attacks and special moves with different inputs. Many of them can also be done while moving, in neutral, or in the air. Each of those can also change the way a move works. Below you will find every move that Velma has.


  • Supportive Words - Velma shouts a word bubble Projectile that seeks out her ally. If the bubble hits any fighter, ally or enemy, they become targeted and additional bubbles will lock onto their location. Allies who become targeted will also briefly gain hastened. If a bubble hits an ally who is already targeted, it will fire an additional bubble in the direction they are facing and slightly heal Velma. Velma can create word bubbles until she runs out of ammo. 
  • Quip Master - A combo of quips. 
  • Bright Idea - Velma charges an idea light bulb. Has a chance to spawn evidence on hit. 
  • Calculated Victory - Velma charges a calculation Projectile that hits enemies forward and spawns evidence. 
  • Light 'Em Up - Velma charges a flashlight flash. Has a chance to spawn evidence on hit. 
  • Bright Air Idea - Similar to ground, without charge. 
  • My Glasses - Velma briefly drops her glasses, knocking enemies downward. 

Special Attacks

  • Motivational Speaker - Velma delivers a motivational speech beam Projectile that repeatedly hits enemies and Heals overlapping allies. The final hit of the beam applies targeted. If the final hit lands on an ally, they will fire an additional beam. If the final hit lands on an enemy, they receive a stack of Weakened. Velma can aim the beam up or down. Has a chance to spawn evidence on hit. 
  • Fast Thinker - Velma charges a sprint forward. Charging increases the speed of the sprint. Allies can hop into Velma's arms for the sprint, increasing the attack's power and giving Velma and her ally armor and gray health. Enemies will be grabbed and thrown upwards at the end of the sprint. 
  • Toxic Concoction - Velma spills toxic goop on the ground and jumps upward. Enemies standing in the goop will receive continuous stacks of ice, before eventually freezing. 
  • Spread the Knowledge - Velma throws a book Projectile that homes onto her ally. Velma and her ally receive an educated if the book hits them, refreshing and reducing the duration of their Cooldowns. 
  • Hit the Books - Velma opens up a textbook that knocks enemies backward and propels her forward. 
  • Shutterbug - Velma snaps a picture downward with a camera that sends her and enemies upwards, breaking armor. Applies Weakened on hit, causing victims to receive more damage and knockback. Has a chance to spawn evidence on hit. 

Passive Ability

  • Snoopin' - During the match, evidence will appear, and some of Velma's moves will spawn evidence. Velma and her ally can pick up evidence to fill up her Evidence Meter. When the meter is full, Velma can call a police car. The police car will drive to and pick up the nearest enemy, disable them, and attempt to drive off the map. Enemies must struggle to escape the police car. The other enemy teammate can attack the car to try and release their teammate. 

The goal of playing Velma is to debuff enemies and annoy them with as many projectiles as possible. Collecting evidence will also ensure you can spawn the car and cause some incredibly powerful crowd control that can almost guarantee a ring out. Best of luck in learning to play Velma!

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.