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MultiVersus LeBron James Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Find out about every Perk and Attack LeBron James has access to as an experimental brawler in MultiVersus.
MultiVersus LeBron James Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More
Some of the fighters in MultiVersus have been labeled as experimental, and one of them is LeBron James, a brawler with tons of damage potential paired with flashy moves. You've likely already seen players picking him in matches because of his unique and effective skill set.

Like the Iron Giant, many of LeBron James' Signature Perks and Special Attacks are distinctive as an experimental fighter. The iconic NBA player can do a ton of chains with his basketball. But he can also use that same ball to assist his team in several ways. All of the Perks and Attacks work to make LeBron fit the mold of the Space Jam character.

Every LeBron James Perk in MultiVersus

LeBron James Perks
Most of LeBron's perks are based on utility. (Picture: WB Games)

Each character in MultiVersus has a set of Perks that are unlocked by ranking up. Based on their stats, they are typically split into Utility, Offense, and Defense categories. All normal Perks can eventually be trained for any character, regardless of the class, and they act as passive bonuses.

On the other hand, Signature Perks on fighters like LeBron James are reserved for that option alone. There are only two or three per character, and they can alter the way an attack operates. All of the character-specific Perks for LeBron are listed below.

Utility Perks

  • Gravity Manipulation - Your team receives 10% increased fast fall speed.
  • I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge - Your team receives a 10% ability cooldown refund after dodging an attack.
  • Leg Day Champ - Your team receives 10% increased jump height.

Offensive Perks

  • Make It Rain, Dog! - Your team receives 20% increased projectile speed.

Defensive Perks

  • Back to Back - Your team receives 6% reduced damage when near an ally.

Signature Perks

  • Hot Hands - If LeBron completes a no-look pass to his ally, the basketball is ignited. If LeBron dunks an ignited basketball, he ignites all damaged enemies and creates a firewall on the ground. 
  • For Three! - LeBron and his allies that hit enemies with a basketball from far away cause the basketball to explode, dealing damage and knockback to all nearby enemies.
  • Keep Possession - When LeBron or his allies receive a pass, they gain gray health for a few seconds.

Regardless of your Perk choices, these are just the start to mastering LeBron James in MultiVersus. The most important thing is to learn his attacks and special moves. Doing this will help you reach the next level and start winning most of your matches.

All LeBron James Attacks and Specials in MultiVersus

LeBron James Attacks
Use the basketball to your advantage in a fight. (Picture: WB Games)

Every Fighter in MultiVersus has an extensive list of moves: Attacks or Specials. Most of the time, they can be done from neutral, in the air, or while moving to get different effects entirely. These are all of LeBron James' moves:


  • Shoulder Check - LeBron charges a shoulder check where he dashes forward, gaining Armor. Without a basketball, he will charge a push. 
  • Dime Drop - LeBron does a combo of swipes sending him into the air and ending with an alley-oop. Without a basketball, he will do a forward steal.
  • Take It the Rim - LeBron spins his basketball on his finger. Without a basketball, he will leap upward and swipe.
  • Work the Floor - LeBron sweeps his basketball around his ankles, hitting multiple times. Without a basketball, he will slam his hands downward.
  • Make Room - LeBron sweeps his basketball around his hips. Without a basketball, he pounds his chest pushing enemies away.
  • Check - LeBron will pound his basketball. Without a basketball, he will do a forward steal.
  • Alley-Oop - LeBron will alley-oop his basketball. Without a basketball, he will swipe overhead.
  • Watch Your Head! - LeBron tosses his basketball through his legs. Without a basketball, he will swipe downward.

Special Attacks

  • Buckets! - LeBron will aim then throw his basketball as a Projectile. He can aim behind himself. Without a basketball, LeBron will summon a new one. Cooldown applies to summoning a basketball.
  • L-Train! - LeBron will launch into the air and then dunk his basketball downward, creating a shockwave Projectile on the ground; this deals Weakened and destroys his basketball. Without a basketball, he will shoulder charge forward. If LeBron's ally has thrown his basketball and it has hit an enemy, LeBron will instead warp to the ball's location and then perform the dunk.
  • Got Hops - LeBron will shoot his basketball upward as a Projectile. He can charge to delay the throw. Without a basketball, he will throw chalk upward.
  • Denied! - LeBron will slam his basketball as a Projectile down into the ground, bouncing it into the air. Without a basketball, he will create a fence Projectile that blocks incoming Projectiles. If a Projectile is blocked, LeBron will regain his basketball.

Passive Abilities

  • Passive 1: LeBron will gain a basketball if he hits an enemy while he doesn't have one.
  • Passive 2: If LeBron hits an ally with his basketball Projectile, it will attach to them. When LeBron's partner makes a directional attack, they will shoot the basketball Projectile in the direction of their attack.
  • If the basketball hits an enemy, it will bounce upwards, giving LeBron an alley-oop dunk.

As you learn how to play LeBron James, you'll discover that his basketball is your best friend. It can support, damage, and defend in the right circumstances. In essence, the basketball makes LeBron incredibly powerful, and paired with his brawling, he is a great pick in MultiVersus.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.