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MultiVersus Shaggy Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Master how to play Shaggy from Scooby Doo in MultiVersus with this character guide, including all his perks, moves, specials, and cosmetics.
MultiVersus Shaggy Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

MultiVersus is the newest fighting game by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and the title has already pulled in a number of iconic characters to its roster, including those from Space Jam, Adventure Time, and more recently, Scooby-Doo!

Shaggy Rogers is one of the newest fighters introduced to MultiVersus' arena; as such, he may take players some time to learn. But make no mistake: Shaggy is a strong fighter and certainly worth trying out. Here is how to play Shaggy in MultiVersus so you can take down opponents in the game as one of your favorite characters.

How To Play Shaggy In MultiVersus

Shaggy Multiversus how to play
Shaggy's attacks make him a great close-ranged fighter in MultiVersus. (Picture: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Playing Shaggy optimally in MultiVersus requires a solid understanding of his attacks. You must also know how to use his perks and synergize them with one another.

If you're a Shaggy main, you may also want to check out how to unlock all the character skin variants for Shaggy and other in-game unlockables, so we'll also go over how to get cosmetics for your character.

All Shaggy Attacks and Specials in MultiVersus (Moves List)

As a Bruiser archetype, Shaggy is built for close-ranged combat. Therefore, most of his attacks require him to be close to opponents - save for his Down Special, which you can use in case you need a long-range snipe. Here are all of Shaggy's attacks in MultiVersus explained.

Shaggy Passive Attack

shaggy passive ability multiversus
Shaggy's passive ability puts him in an enraged state. (Picture: YouTube / The Partisan Spy)

Passive Attack: It’s, Like, Off-the-Charts

Shaggy's passive ability puts him into a Rage, which isn't so much an "ability" per se; instead, it's somewhat of a bonus to Shaggy's other abilities. While under the effects of Rage, Shaggy's special attacks deal more damage to opponents. He is also propelled further across the screen, giving him extra mobility. However, the bonus only applies for one attack.

Shaggy Basic Attacks

Neutral Ground Attack: Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich requires some charging but ends in a strong horizontal punch. Shaggy earns an armor shield while this attack is charging.

Neutral Air Attack: Flurrious Feet

Flurrious Feet attack, as the name implies, attacks underneath Shaggy; this ability will do a flurry of kicks below him that breaks enemy armor.

Side Ground Attack: Combo Meal

As the name implies, Combo Meal is a combo attack; it consists of Shaggy punching the opponent multiple times before a final stronger headbutt.

Side Air Attack: Like, Knee Strike

This side air attack is a simple horizontal attack that is made stronger when charged.

Up Ground Attack: Like, Overhead Swing!

Like, Overhead Swing! is a charged overhead swing attack that does a medium amount of damage.

Up Air Attack: Flying Smacker Smack

Flying Smacker Smack is a simple upward attack that does damage to opponents.

Down Ground Attack: Power Stomp

Power Stomp requires charging but has numerous effects. This attack gives Shaggy additional armor while breaking opponents' armor. In addition, when an enemy is hit with this attack, Shaggy can earn a combo that slows down enemies and grants him even further buffs.

Down Air Attack: Get Down, Man

Get Down, Man not only does damage to enemies, but it can also knock them off their feet.

Shaggy Special Attacks

Shaggy special attack Multiversus
Shaggy's special attacks let him do damage at range using his sandwich. (Picture: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Neutral Special: Zoinks!

Shaggy's neutral special, Zoinks!, requires a bit of charging over time, but it also has a strong effect that helps teammates. Once the meter fills, Shaggy is surrounded by a large, pulsing aura that gives buffs to all of your moves.

Then, by pressing the button once more, you can use a unique special attack that not only buffs teammates' attacks but also knocks opponents backward.

Side Special: Chiller Instinct Kick

Chiller Instinct Kick is a simple kick to the left or right that deals moderate damage. However, like most attacks, Chiller Instinct Kick does more damage when charged.

Down Special: Like, Feed the Hunger

Like, Feed the Hunger may be one of Shaggy's most interesting and versatile moves. This ability spawns a sandwich, which Shaggy can throw at opponents or allies.

The attack can hit both allies and opponents in one throw. If the sandwich hits allies, they gain hit points, while enemies are damaged. The sandwich also offers boosts to other attacks while it's held. 

Up Special: Power Uppercut

Like Shaggy's side special, his up special, Power Uppercut, is pretty simple; Power Uppercut thrusts Shaggy into the air, doing more damage the further you go.

Down Air Special: Like C'mere, Man!

Shaggy earns armor during this attack and deals damage to any nearby enemies. This attack is even better during Rage mode, as it creates a projectile that damages enemies. This move is a great change of pace for Shaggy, who usually cannot deal much damage from a distance.

All Shaggy Perks in MultiVersus

MultiVersus perks
Every character in MultiVersus has a signature perk. (Picture: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Shaggy earns perks at certain set mastery levels, which offer him a variety of boosts during gameplay. In addition, you can mix and match perks to create different builds and annihilate opponents.

Here is the MultiVersus Shaggy perks list and at which level you can grab them.

  • Lumpy Space Punch – Level 2
  • Kryptonian Skin – Level 4
  • Equip Ally Perks – Level 6
  • Last Stand – Level 7
  • Signature Perk: One Last Zoinks – Level 8
  • Perk Training – Level 9
  • Signature Perk: Hangry Man – Level 10
  • Snowball Effect – Level 11
  • Retaliation-Ready – Level 12
  • Speed Force Assist – Level 13

Shaggy's signature perk is by far his best, as it gives him instant Rage after taking 100 damage. This is a great way to make a comeback in a dire moment.

All Shaggy Cosmetics in MultiVersus

shaggy cosmetics multiversus
There are many cool Shaggy cosmetics you can gather in MultiVersus. (Picture: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

If you're interested in adding a little pizzazz to your in-game appearance, you can always buy cosmetics and emotes for your character. Only one skin is currently available for Shaggy, but he has many other unlockables and special emotes.

Here are all of them as well as where to get them.

  • Uncle Shagworthy – Premium Battle Pass Tier 1
  • Shaggy Profile Icon - Hit Mastery Level 14
  • Shaggy Badge – Hit Mastery Level 15
  • Space Kook Profile Icon – Free Battle Pass Tier 1
  • Shaggy Announcer Pack – 100 Gleamium
  • Shaggy- Cry Sticker – 150 Gleamium
  • Shirt Rip Taunt – 500 Gleamium
  • Space Kook Ringout VFX – 1200 Gleamium

Warner Bros. could add more Shaggy skins in the future, so keep an eye out if you're looking to customize your character even further!

And that's all about the MultiVersus Shaggy guide. For more related content, check out our section dedicated to MultiVersus news, guides, tips, updates, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.