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How To Play Naraka Bladepoint Campaign

Embark on an epic PvE journey with our guide on how to play the current Naraka Bladepoint campaign.
How To Play Naraka Bladepoint Campaign

Although Naraka Bladepoint is known primarily for its 60-player battle royale mode, the game does offer a campaign mode that allows players to engage in PvE combat. If you're interested in learning more about Naraka Bladepoint's campaign mode and how to play it, you're in luck.

This guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to know to play Naraka Bladepoint's campaign mode. We will take you through the entire process, from start to finish, and give you a clear understanding of what to expect when you jump into this exciting and action-packed campaign.

How To Play Naraka Bladepoint Campaign

The current campaign in Naraka Bladepoing is called Showdown and is accessible only on weekends from the main menu (relative to your local time) for roughly 12 hours each day. This game mode is made for testing your strength as teams of three players or solos take on waves of baddies, before going head-to-head with a challenging boss. 

How To Play Naraka Bladepoint Campaign Choose characters and play through levels and bosses
The Showdown Campaign sees you choose between six characters and play through various stages. (Picture: Hangzhou 24 Entertainment)

All players partaking in Showdown will have six heroes to choose from: Kurumi, Tarka, Matari, Valda, Temulch, and Viper. Each will come equipped with its unique melee and ranged weapon set, encouraging players to utilize a variety of abilities to tackle hordes of enemies across the map.

Then we move on to the two stages of each game. The first stage will see players pitted against waves of enemies that each culminate in "mini" boss battles. As the difficulty ramps up, trios will need to communicate and collaborate to survive and emerge victorious.

How To Play Naraka Bladepoint Campaign Each stage boss and final Omnius
Each stage has a boss, with the final boss being Omnius. (Picture: Hangzhou 24 Entertainment)

The second stage is the endgame portion, where players face the hardest enemies yet and reach the final boss, Omnius, a formidable and challenging boss, one who has orchestrated all the evil doings and chaos befalling players up to this point. But all this epic battle is simply overlaying the progression mechanics working under the hood.

Naraka Bladepoint Campaign Progression

As you play through Showdown and collect resources and items for your characters, you'll also be progressing the level of your character (which is separate from your battle royale characters level). As you do, you'll gain more abilities, better gear, and access to more Sense. 

How To Play Naraka Bladepoint Campaign Grind up Sense to play harder difficulties
Players will also need to grind for Sense points to play higher difficulties and get more rewards. (Picture: Hangzhou 24 Entertainment)

Sense is a value your character receives depending on the amount and power of the Souljades in your possession. Souljades can be combined to create more powerful ones, and once equipped, increase your Sense. 

As your Sense goes up, you can face harder difficulties in the campaign mode, such as the Hard and Nightscream difficulties, which have recommended Sense levels and are crushing to attempt with inadequate Sense levels. However, it's worth grinding up your Sense level as the higher difficulties offer the best rewards.

And there you have it, a full breakdown of how to play the Campaign mode in Naraka Bladepoint as well as some general information to help you know what to expect in this epic and action-packed Showdown campaign. 

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