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Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List (September 2023): Ranked Best To Worst

In this guide, we'll be breaking down all the characters in Naraka Bladepoint and ranking them from best to worst in our comprehensive tiered list.
Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List (September 2023): Ranked Best To Worst

Naraka Bladepoint is an action-packed game with a range of characters to choose from, each with unique abilities and playstyles. While the quantity of characters makes picking the best one a daunting task for many players, the game's competitive scene has seen a preference for certain characters over others. 

So, in this article, we'll take a deep dive into all the characters in Naraka Bladepoint and create a tier list that ranks them from best to worst. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character, you can make informed decisions on which character to choose for your play style. So, without further delay, let's get started with our Naraka Bladepoint character tier list.

Update on 1 September 2023: We've updated our Naraka Bladepoint character tier list ranking them all from best to worst according to the latest meta.

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List: Ranked Best To Worst

Our tier list for the best characters in Naraka Bladepoint will organize them from S tier through to C tier, with S being the best character to choose for their strength and abilities and C being the worst pick that will be tougher for new players to get the hang of and overall aren't worth choosing unless you want the challenge or variety. It's worth noting that this tiered list will not include the new heroes Akos Hu, Zipin Yin, and Feria Shen until the meta has developed more surrounding them and we can appropriately place them in our list. 

S-Tier Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Matari, Yoto Hime

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Matari
The S-tier character Matari (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Matari is a popular choice in ranked play, and for a very good reason. Due to her high mobility, she possesses an agile playstyle and can use her skill, Silent Flutter, to quickly enter and exit battles, making it challenging for enemies to defeat her easily.

Her ultimate ability, Unseen Wings, allows her to enter stealth mode, making her even more challenging to see. Her skills are highly effective in final circles, as she can easily sneak up on opponents while resetting her teleport cooldown. While Matari may not have any skills that boost her DPS, her strength lies in her ability to take on fights on her terms and pull off escape combos that none of the other classes have any way of dealing with. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Yoto Hime
The S-tier character Yoto Hime (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Yoto Hime is considered below Matari by only a slight margin because of Matari's evasion capabilities, but she's fighting for the top spot. With her Spirit Slash skill and her Ultimate ability, Ominous Blade, she can output tons of damage while zipping around the battlefield by teleporting to the blades she throws around and impales enemies with. 

Using these abilities in conjunction with each other, she can easily shave off 50%-70% of an opponent's health in one fell swoop, making her a detriment to anyone foolish enough to take her on alone. 

A-Tier Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Valda Cui, Viper Ning, Tarka Ji, Yueshan

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Valda Cui
The A-tier character Valda Cui (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Valda Cui is the next pick for our tier list thanks to her water-based abilities, which are not only easy to use but also perform excellently in terms of controlling the field and outputting massive damage. Her skill, Haze, sends out a Tide Trap, which is a big water bubble that traps enemies for two seconds, deals damage, and sets you up for dealing more free damage to trapped enemies. 

Next is her Ultimate, called Nether Nightmare, which is perfect for splitting up enemies as it sends out a wide wave in one direction that throws enemies up into the air and keeps them there until the Ultimate ends. Valda can then jump into the air and throw a spear at one of the enemies, which deals great damage, but can deal even more depending on the rarity of the weapon you use, ultimately making Valda a powerful character out of the gate, and a tactical choice as well. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Viper Ning
The A-tier character Viper Ning (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Viper Ning comes in as s close rival to Valda Cui, as her abilities offer both quick damages, as well as control for the opposing team's movement. Her first skill, Yushan Enigma, is her main damage dealer, and can even interrupt a blue-charged attack, letting you get out of tight spots easily. 

Then her Ultimate ability, Twilight Crimson, lets her mark enemies in her vicinity, and after five seconds, all marked enemies will be stunned for five seconds, leaving them open to attacks. This can easily turn the tide of any battle and makes Viper Ning a dangerous character to be near. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Tarka Ji
The A-tier character Tarka Ji (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Tarka Ji also competes in A tier thanks to his Inner Fire ability, which lets him withstand physical attacks for three seconds and can counterattack if he is hit, setting the enemy on fire which causes damage over time. He can also unlock a variant of this ability which allows him to hurl a fireball at enemies, making him extremely dangerous in close quarters. 

But what makes Tarka Ji especially deadly is his Ultimate ability Blackout, which has him set himself on fire, giving him a massive buff in movement speed and setting any enemy he hits on fire. This ultimately makes Tarka Ji difficult to kill when he is using his Ultimate and turns his normal combat skills into certain death for enemies who can't escape him. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Yueshan
The A-tier character Yueshan (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Yueshan is the last character in the A-tier and could fall into the B-tier depending on the meta for next season, due t the fact that his base skill is fairly mediocre, but his Ultimate carries him. His base skill, called Line Breaker, lets him perform a short dash that knocks enemies back and deals damage. Making it a simple attack to dodge, but effective when it connects. 

His Ultimate ability, Troop Decimation, is where he shines as it turns him into a General for 25 seconds, dawning terracotta armor and wielding a massive spear. In this form he can move faster, break through Blue charged attacks, and deal tons of damage, making it ideal for tight situations and used in combination with other characters' skills that can funnel enemies together. 

B-Tier Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Temulch, Tianhai, Justina Gu, Wuchen

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Temulch
The B-tier character Temulch (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Temulch holds the top spot in the B-tier, and for good reason, as his Zephyr Wisp skill can be used to summon wards that shield him against ranged attacks, and when used twice in a row, can summon a whirlwind that knocks enemies down. This makes him incredibly useful at controlling enemies and drawing them in close to use his ultimate. 

Temulch's Ultimate ability, called Zephyr Prison, lets Temulch leap forward into the air and create a large sandstorm wherever he lands. This sandstorm slows down all enemies that touch it, and leaves Temulch and his teammates unaffected, letting them wail on slowed enemies and can change the tide of a game when used correctly. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Tanhai
The B-tier character Tanhai (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Tanhai is a close second for the top B-tier character as his skill, The Divine Bell, gives him a temporary shield against physical attacks, and while it only lasts a few seconds, when upgraded it can be extremely hard to get through. But it's with Tanhai's ultimate that the character truly shines above the rest. 

His ultimate ability, Titan's Call, transforms him into a large beast called Varja, and his health and attack strength skyrocket relative to his armor and weapons rarity. In this form, he can grab enemies, and smash them into the ground and all damage dealt to Tanhai does not carry over when he transforms back, making this a strong tactical move as well.

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Justina Gu
The B-tier character Justina Gu (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Justina Gu is a strong competitor in the B-tier thanks to her Ice themed abilities that make her extremely tough to kill and weaken enemies. Her main skill, Ice Core, allows her to freeze herself and resist damage for a short period, with an upgradeable version of this skill also freezing her teammates, keeping them safe and restoring a specific amount of armor. She can also dispel this aura while shifting and evading, letting her get out of a tight spot in an enemy gets close while she's iced up.  

Her Ultimate ability, Artic Wraith, gives her a slight attack increase while changing her skill to Shadowswipe, which lets her dash through enemies. The enemies take a small amount of damage and freeze, and this skill is upgraded to allow her to send freezing sword swipes that make her troublesome for any enemy too near her. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Wuchen
The B-tier character Wuchen (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Wuchen is the lowest B-tier character, and that's only because of the complexity and difficulty most will have using his Ultimate ability. His main skill, Spirit Blades, is extremely solid, letting Wuchen summon five blades that can be fired one at a time or rapidly in succession. His swords can also save you by taking damage in case Wuchen is fatally damaged, giving you a second chance to fight on. 

Now we get to his ultimate ability, Tai Chi Rift, which first places a rift down and, when used again, will open the rift and buff all your teammates in range. After 1.5 seconds the rift will then teleport all allies, as well as Wuchen to it and give them a damage or damage reduction buff depending on how much health Wuchen has left. This may seem like a solid ultimate, and it is when you can use it. This is because the Tai Chi Rift can only be sued when you're not under attack, so you need to disengage from combat to even put it to use, making it a huge drawback since it can't be used while in combat. 

C-Tier Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Takeda Nobutada, Kurumi

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Takeda Nobutada
The C-tier character Takeda Nobutada (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Takeda Nobutada Sits in the C-tier because his abilities are tough to use for most players. His main skill Mythic Grab, is an advanced version of the parry, letting him grab the enemy's weapon and perform a counter. This is great, but only if you can time it right every single time, which most players won't be doing, and countering isn't exactly an exciting skill. 

His Ultimate, Demonic Aid summons a spirit called Furen to aid in battle and attack enemies. He can also send Furen to attack enemies with the normal command and an alternate version that Lets you unleash a powerful Airborne strike, dealing damage to any enemy below you. Once again, these are powerful skills, but they rely on being chained together to get decent damage, which can be hard for new players, and of course, you need to keep Takeda alive during his time. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Kurumi
The C-tier character Kurumi (Picture: YouTube / Vesmoper)

Kurumi is the last pick we recommend in Naraka Bladepoint, but not because she's a terrible character, more so it's because her skillset doesn't excel unless you're playing duos or trios, and her ultimate abilities leave a lot to be desired. She is the healing character in the game, and her Binding prayer skill lets her teleport to an ally and heal them, with the option to sacrifice some of the healing to provide a damage reduction or increase buff. However, she needs to be attached to a teammate to have these skills take effect, without one to attach to, her skill is almost useless. 

Then her Ultimate ability, Sacred Circle, can create a large healing circle that instantly heals and purifies allies. This is great for getting quick healing or even healing over time, but because the game offers other methods of healing very frequently, Kurumi drops in utility very quickly. Sadly, she's a powerful support character in a heavily combat-focused game, so unless your goal is to be a healer, we'd opt for a different character. 

Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List Ranked Best To Worst Be sure to experiment and find the character best for you
Of course, all players should experiment with these characters in the game and find the one that suits them best. (Picture: Hangzhou 24 Entertainment)

And there you have it, our in-depth breakdown of every character in Naraka Bladepoint, ranked from best to worst in our tiered list. It's worth noting that these are simply picks we've made based on meta and other players' choices, so always feel free to try out any character you want and use our descriptions above to get familiar with them before heading out into battle. 

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