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Naraka Bladepoint Gold: How To Get More

Build up your financial reserves with this guide on how to get more Gold in Naraka Bladepoint.
Naraka Bladepoint Gold: How To Get More

In Naraka Bladepoint, multiple types of currencies play a crucial role in buying essential items, unique cosmetics, and upgrading your gear. One of these currencies is gold, which can be used to purchase various upgrades and items.

If you want to upgrade your equipment or require additional gold to buy in-game items, then this guide is for you. Here, you will find some guaranteed methods to gather more gold in Naraka Bladepoint and bolster your financial resources to acquire amazing items and upgrades.

Naraka Bladepoint Gold: How To Get More

As you play through Naraka Bladepoint, there will be various ways for you to collect gold. From Completing challenges to bartering your items with the vendors in the game. Each of these methods can result in building up tons of gold, so be sure to try out each of the methods outlined below to maximize your gold output:

Naraka Bladepoint How To Get More Gold Steps such as completing challenges and events
Completing challenges and events will be two of the best ways to earn more gold. (Picture: Hangzhou 24 Entertainment)
  1. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges: Naraka Bladepoint offers daily and weekly challenges that reward players with gold. Make sure to check the challenges and complete them regularly to earn more gold.
  2. Completing the Battle Passes: The first step is to complete the free battle pass, which will garner you a total of 1280 Gold. Once it's complete, you can head into the paid battle pass if you wish. This will cost you some gold, but you can use the gold earned from the free pass to pay for it, which will end give you a solid return on investment as you earn more gold in the Paid Battle Pass. 
  3. Play and Win Matches: Winning matches in Naraka Bladepoint rewards players with gold. The better you perform in a match, the more gold you will earn.
  4. Sell Unused Items: Naraka Bladepoint allows players to sell their unused items for gold. Make sure to check your inventory regularly and sell any items that you don't need.
  5. Participate in Events: Naraka Bladepoint frequently offers events that reward players with gold. Make sure to check the events and participate in them to earn more gold.
  6. Using Tae to buy loot boxes: You can purchase immortal treasure loot boxes to get gold by using Tae, another in-game currency. 4000 Tae is required to get an immortal treasure loot box from the Tae store, and if you're lucky, you can get some gold from each loot box. 
  7. Buy Gold with Real Money: If you don't want to spend time earning gold in-game, you can purchase it with real money. Naraka Bladepoint offers various packages of gold that can be purchased through its in-game store.
Naraka Bladepoint How To Get More Gold grinding for gold with steps above
We suggest using the above steps to grind for gold before spending money to farm gold. (Picture: Hangzhou 24 Entertainment)

And there you have it; by following these simple tips, you should be able to earn more gold in Naraka Bladepoint and use it to purchase epic items and upgrades. Be sure to try them all out, and consider the free methods before paying for anything since you can get enough gold for free if you're willing to grind out a little bit. 

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