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All 40 Season 3: Iced Out reward levels in NBA 2K22 MyCareer

Just like we did with the MyTeam game mode, we will also go over all of the rewards available in MyCareer during Season 3: Iced Out in NBA 2K22.
All 40 Season 3: Iced Out reward levels in NBA 2K22 MyCareer

It has been only a few hours since the official release of the third season in NBA 2K22, and we already had the opportunity to try some of the new game modes with Clutch Time in MyTeam and, of course, City Slam in MyCareer.

Season 3: Iced Out announced several rewards and events for players throughout the season, especially in MyCareer, as both Cancha Del Mar (Current gen) and The City (Nextgen) will be filled with prizes and surprises.

Of course, the main attraction will be the set rewards you will receive for completing challenges and objectives, and we will list everything you will have a chance to redeem during the season in NBA 2K22.

A fully animated themed outfit will be this season’s ultimate prize in NBA 2K22 MyCareer

NBA 2K22 Season 3 MyCareer Progress List
Throughout the MyCareeer season, you will receive other rewards like packs, badge points, banners and wearables. (Picture: 2K Sports)

Just like we went through every single reward available for MyTeam, MyCareer will get exactly the same treatment, so without further ado, here is every single level for seasonal rewards:

  • Level 1: Iced Out T-shirt
  • Level 2: Iced Out basketball
  • Level 3: Player indicator
  • Level 4: New player banners
  • Level 5: Tissot Watch
  • Level 6: New jumpshot animation
  • Level 7: New season emotes 
  • Level 8: MyTeam Free Agent 95 OVR Giannis Antetokoumpo
  • Level 9: Double XP (30 minutes)
  • Level 10: Player indicator
NBA 2K22 MyCareer Season 3 Apparel
There will be tons of themed pieces for you to earn as rewards in Season 3: Iced Out. (Picture: 2K Sports)
  • Level 11: Gatorade Boosts (5 games)
  • Level 12: New season emotes
  • Level 13: New player banners
  • Level 14: 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Standing Dunk)
  • Level 15: Season 3 Jewelry pack
  • Level 16: New season emotes
  • Level 17: Double XP (One hour)
  • Level 18: MyTeam Clutch Shooter Badge pack
  • Level 19: New player banners
  • Level 20: New season emotes
  • Level 21: Iced Out scarf
  • Level 22: Skill Boosts (10 games)
  • Level 23: 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Ball Handle)
  • Level 24: MyTeam Diamond Shoe Colorway pack
  • Level 25: New season emotes
  • Level 26: Enhanced Daily Rewards
  • Level 27: New player banners
  • Level 28: Double XP (One hour)
  • Level 29: Iced Out Ugly Sweater
  • Level 30: Iced Out BMX Bike
  • Level 31: 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Driving Dunk)
  • Level 32: Double XP (Two hours)
  • Level 33: Gatorade Boosts (10 games)
  • Level 34: New player banners
  • Level 35: Holiday mask
  • Level 36: MyTeam NBA Moments Player pack
  • Level 37: Iced Out suit
  • Level 38: Double XP (Two hours)
  • Level 39: Extra Badge Point
  • Level 40: Animated Iced Out Bundle

Unfortunately and different from MyTeam, level 40 will be the ceiling for MyCareer, but hopefully, between those two main game modes, you will get countless hours of fun while getting ready for more top-speed, high-adrenaline basketball games.


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Feature image courtesy of 2K Sports.