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All 40 Season 3: Iced Out reward levels in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Season 3: Iced Out has just kicked off in NBA 2K22, and we are excited about everything it will bring to the MyTeam universe, along with the first-ever Galaxy Opal player.
All 40 Season 3: Iced Out reward levels in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

For the second time in NBA 2K22 existence, all the progress we accumulated has been reset to start a season from scratch as we have now officially transitioned from Season 2: Build your Empire to Season 3: Iced Out jurisdiction.

As we have already covered for you, Season 3 will bring new game modes for both MyTeam and MyCareer and while it's exciting, it is not what ballers all around the world wanted to get their hands on.

A brand-new rewards list has been revealed for both main game modes, and we are going to jump headfirst to see everything this season has in store for us in NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

Allen Iverson is the first Galaxy Opal player in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

NBA 2K22 Season 3 MyTeam Allen Iverson
AI is the Grand Prize of grinding Season 3: Iced Out in order to reach level 40. (Picture: 2K Sports)

We are going to cut directly into the chase and let you know what each of all levels you will be able to claim, and for the first time in this edition, we will be able to go even further:

  • Level 1: Free Agent Onyx George Gervin
  • Level 2: Slasher Badge Pack
  • Level 3: One token
  • Level 4: Gold Shoe Boost Award pack
  • Level 5: Ascension!
  • Level 6: Base ‘22 NBA: Series 1 Award pack
  • Level 7: Gold 79 OVR Hamidou Diallo
  • Level 8: Three tokens
  • Level 9: Glass Cleaner Badge pack
  • Level 10: Season 3 ball
NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 3 Progress List
Throughout the MyTeam season, you will receive other rewards like packs, badges and tokens. (Picture: 2K Sports)
  • Level 11: Ascension!
  • Level 12: Post Scorer Badge pack
  • Level 13: Emerald 83 OVR Kurt Rambis
  • Level 14: Standard ‘22 NBA: Series 1 Award pack
  • Level 15: Lockdown Defender Badge pack
  • Level 16: Five tokens
  • Level 17: Standard ‘22 NBA: Series 1 Award pack
  • Level 18: Shot Creator Badge pack
  • Level 19: Ascension!
  • Level 20: Sapphire 86 OVR Reggie Jackson
  • Level 21: Rim Protector Badge pack
  • Level 22: Ascension!
  • Level 23: Standard ‘22 NBA: Series 1 Award pack
  • Level 24: Ruby 89 OVR Deshawn Stevenson
  • Level 25: Ten tokens
  • Level 26: Ascension!
  • Level 27: Sharpshooter Badge Pack
  • Level 28: Amethyst 91 OVR Doug Collins
  • Level 29: Deluxe ‘22 NBA: Series 1 Award pack
  • Level 30: Ascension!
  • Level 31: Mystic Deluxe Awards pack
  • Level 32: Diamond Shoe Pack
  • Level 33: Diamond 94 OVR C.J. McCollum
  • Level 34: 30 tokens
  • Level 35: Diamond Consumables pack
  • Level 36: Ascension!
  • Level 37: Diamond Contract Pack
  • Level 38: Iced Out Diamond Shoe Boost pack
  • Level 39: Iced Out Hall of Fame Badge Option pack
  • Level 40: Galaxy Opal 97 OVR Allen Iverson

We definitely recommend you to progress as quickly as possible as this season will debut the “Beyond Level 40” agenda as well, which will grant you an option pack with all of the Grand Prizes of Season 3.

This option pack will include PD Cliff Hagan (Ascension Grand Prize), PD Andre Drummond (Draft Grand Prize), PD Dan Majerle (Limited Grand Prize and both Pink Diamond rewards for each of the Triple Threat game modes, which will be revealed later in the season.


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Feature image courtesy of 2K Sports.