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Every Takeover ability in NBA 2K22

Take over a game with these special abilities in NBA 2K22.
Every Takeover ability in NBA 2K22

As with previous years, NBA 2K22 has brought back the Takeover abilities in this year’s title and there are some entries on the list. 

Takeover abilities are specifically for a player’s MyPlayer account and give their character some additional traits that help take their game to a whole new level. They’re basically a boost for your character that can be used across the course of a game. They offer some small qualities that, when used correctly, can really transform your MyPlayer in NBA2K22. 

The question players have is what abilities they have access to in NBA 2K22. Well, that question is answered below with the full of Takeover abilities in this year’s game. 

All Takeovers in NBA2K22 

NBA 2k22 takeover abilities
Players can look like Damian Lillard with the right Takeovers. (Picture: 2K)

There are 10 total Takeovers in NBA 2K22 but players will only have access to seven to start. There are three abilities that need to be unlocked through playing. When players customize their Takeovers, they can equip two, a primary and secondary. The primary one will fill up first and then the secondary one will follow. 

You’re allowed to activate both at the same time for an added boost to your game but this will take longer than activating one at a time. Once one meter is filled up, you can activate it and receive the boost it provides. 

All 10 abilities are listed below along with their explanations. The three with stars need to be unlocked separately. 

  • Anklebreaking Shots: An increased chance to drop defenders and making stepback and spin jump shots 

  • Negative Impact: Reduces impact of contesting shots against pull-up, spin and step-back jump shots 

  • Limitless Range: Increases the shooting range to beyond the three-point line 

  • Spot-up Precision: Increases chances of hitting a well-timed stationary jump shot 

  • Team Badge Boost: Increases your teammate’s offensive badge capabilities for a short time after passing them the ball 

  • Team Ratings Boost: Boosts your teammate’s offensive capabilities for a short time after passing them the ball 

  • Team Takeover Boost: Boosts the progress of your teammate’s Takeover bar 

  • Enhanced Jumpshot Contests*: Boosts your shot contest ability against perimeter jump shots 

  • Extreme Clamps*: Improves your defensive capability by making opponents pick up the ball, stop or lose the ball when you’re near them 

  • Perimeter Badge Drop*: Reduces the opponent’s offensive badges when you get near them on the perimeter 


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