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NBA 2K22 Patch update 1.7 - September patch notes

The latest update for NBA 2K22 is here as Season 2 is fast approaching. Here's all the latest from the NBA 2K22 Patch update 1.7 notes including Season 2 info, court/arena changes, and new face scans.
NBA 2K22 Patch update 1.7 - September patch notes

NBA 2K22 is in the news again as fans around the world prepare for the impending launch of Season 2. The initial period was an awesome experience, with 2K22 proving to be a major improvement on last year's title.

Of course, Season 2 promises tweaks to the gameplay as well as major updates to MyPlayer and MyTeam game modes, amongst others. The latest update also addressed cosmetic features including new arenas/courts as well as face scans.

Here's everything you need to know about the NBA 2K22 Patch update 1.7 now live on 2K servers.

NBA 2K22 patch update 1.7 season 2
NBA 2K22 Patch update 1.7 sets the stage for the impending release of Season 2. (Picture: 2K Games)

Patch notes - NBA 2K22 update 1.7

The latest update 1.7 went live on 2K servers Wednesday, October 20. There are a number of important changes as part of the patch, so let's run through what's in store.


  • Season 2 begins on Friday, 22nd October at 12:00 PM BST

  • Courts/arenas for the following teams were updated to match recent changes made for the new NBA season:

    • Chicago Bulls

    • Cleveland Cavaliers

    • Dallas Mavericks

    • Miami Heat

    • Minnesota Timberwolves

    • Phoenix Suns

    • Oklahoma City Thunder

    • San Antonio Spurs

    • Toronto Raptors

    • Various G League teams

  • The following players and coaches have received new scans and/or had general likeness updates made to them:

    • Lindsay Allen (new scan)

    • Scottie Barnes (new scan)

    • Dijonai Carrington (new scan)

    • Keon Johnson (new scan)

    • Stephanie Jones (new scan)

    • Tre Mann (new scan)

    • Davion Mitchell (new scan)

    • Kelsey Mitchell (new scan)

    • Trey Murphy III (new scan)

    • Chiney Ogwumike (new scan)

    • Karlie Samuelson (new scan)

    • Alperen Sengun (new scan)

    • Jasmine Walker (new scan)

    • Kostas Antetokounmpo

    • Khem Birch

    • Steve Clifford

    • Dana Evans

    • Cheryl Ford

    • Jerami Grant

    • Brandon Ingram

    • Lisa Leslie

    • Ivory Latta

    • Kenyon Martin

    • Rodney McGruder

    • Taj McWilliams-Franklin

    • Chris Mullin

    • Deanna Nolan

    • Ticha Penicheiro

    • Kim Perrot

    • Pascal Siakam

    • Marcus Smart

    • Katie Smith

    • John Stockton

    • Penny Taylor

    • Lonnie Walker IV


  • Reduced the frequency of stumbles after dunks
  • Made improvements to double team and switch logic on defense
  • Adjusted the logic for several shooting badges (including Chef, Limitless Spot-Up, Difficult Shots, Circus Threes, Rhythm Shooter, Catch & Shoot, Set Shooter, and Stop and Pop) so that each one triggers under the intended conditions and at the proper shooting ranges
  • Players can now dunk more frequently in certain situations even when not using the skill dunk mechanic
  • Locked the Y-position of the shot meter while in the act of shooting to make it easier to read
  • Fake passes will no longer turn into unwanted bounce passes if triggered during a pump fake
  • Fixed an issue where players could transition from a post hop shot away from the rim and into a running self alley-oop towards the rim
  • Adjusted collision detection on certain take charge animations to prevent unwanted collisions
  • Fixed an issue where shimmy hooks could be played from the 3PT line
  • Resolved a rare issue where the AI could get caught in an unintentional size-up move
  • Addressed a community-reported issue where the AI could get stuck attempting several fake passes in a row
  • Technical free throws will no longer be incorrectly awarded on defensive off-ball fouls in the last 2 minutes of a game
  • The gameplan will now be properly turned off when the user turns ACE off in the menu
NBA 2K22 Season 2 Cruise Ship
Patch update 1.7 promises to bring much appreciated updates to multiple game modes. (Picture: 2K Games)


  • Many continued improvements to performance and stability have been made to enhance the overall experience
  • Addressed issues with invites and voice chat as reported by the community
  • Gamers can now properly access the courts in the Gatorade Training Facility while in a squad
  • MyPlayer's will now wear the proper shoes when playing in Pro-Am games
  • Resolved some issues with Pro-Am recruit stats not always displaying correctly
  • Gamers can now wear purchased items out of pop-up stores in the City


  • Various improvements and support for Unlimited and Triple Threat Online: The 100
  • Various additional improvements to The Exchange to improve the overall user experience
  • Added Event Card support for Auction House searches from My Collection
  • Signed Player Cards will no longer have distorted backgrounds in-game
  • Certain player stats like overall record will now display correctly in menus
  • Boosts applied to Shoe Cards will now correctly be applied in games
  • Added support for searching for Shoe Colorway Cards by brand in the Auction House
  • Timers in the Pack Market will now display the proper amount of days remaining
  • Addressed an issue that prevented players from viewing the opponent’s starting lineup before online games
  • Prevented a situation where players could accidentally select multiple packs at once in MyTEAM: Draft

Early 1.7 patch notes ahead of the Season 2 release is a nice way for 2K Games to get gamers familiar with what they can expect on Friday's release. Season 2 promises to be loaded with exciting hoops content as the NBA season is now back in full swing!

Make sure to keep up with our dedicated NBA 2K22 page for all the latest breaking news and information from 2K Games.