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NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Season 2: Reset your Build FREE with Rebirth

The time has finally come for NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Season 2 with the initial weeks of gameplay coming to a close. The 2K devs have thrown a lifeline to players who may have messed up their build the first go around, here's how to reset your build for free with Rebirth.
NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Season 2: Reset your Build FREE with Rebirth

It's hard to believe we're already into Season 2 of NBA 2K22, but the recent update has launched MyPlayer mode to the second phase. To greet loyal MyPlayer gamers in Season 2, the game devs have decided to throw a lifeline for those who may be unsatisfied with their build.

The new update will provide a free way to reset your build without having to start at the bottom. It will require some progress to have been made, so you'll want to follow along and check out all the requirements.

Here's how to reset your NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Season 2 build for free with Rebirth.

NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder Season 2 Reset
Reset your NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Season 2 build for free with Rebirth. (Picture: 2K Games)

How to reset NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Season 2 - Rebirth

Rebirth is a new reward available to be unlocked in Season 2 of NBA 2K22 MyPlayer. Gamers will need to complete a number of objectives in order to unlock Rebirth, but it seems the reward is good for multiple uses.

Note: The requirements to unlock the Rebirth reward are slightly different between next-gen and current-gen platforms.

Reach 90 OVR rating

The most important objective to note for obtaining the Rebirth reward is to level up to a 90 OVR rating. This is required for other objectives, and it can be the most time-consuming, particularly for gamers who just recently created their build.

However, you can always purchase VC from the 2K store which will speed up the leveling process and help you on your way to 90 OVR.

Play (10) 3v3 City games or (10) 2v2 City games - next-gen

These are easy to complete, especially if you have a group of friends to play them with. Queueing into games in The City is much quicker than in last year's title, one of the main focuses of 2K Games developers.

Complete (10) 3v3 games - current-gen

For current-gen players, reach 90 OVR and then play ten games on the 2K Cruise Ship to unlock the Rebirth reward. Remember, you must be a 90 OVR rating for these ten games to count towards the objective.

NBA 2K22 The City
Reach 90 OVR and then head to The City for Season 2 of NBA 2K22. (Picture: 2K Games)

Rebirth reward NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Season 2

When gamers have completed the objectives, the Rebirth reward will unlock as a new type of save file which will be available when creating a new MyPlayer. Though it will appear differently depending on whether you are playing on current or next-gen hardware.

Rebirth also gives a massive head start to all stat categories according to 2K Games, though the exact number is not yet known.

Next-Gen Rebirth reward:

  • 90 OVR boost
  • 30 Badge Points

Current-Gen Rebirth reward:

  • Skip 10 pre-completed MyPoints levels
  • 20 Badge Points


We'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest MyPlayer news from NBA 2K22 over on our dedicated page. Make sure to check back throughout Season 2 for all the best information.

Featured image courtesy of 2K Games.