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NBA 2K24 Best Dunk Style Animation Package for All Builds

Chart a course for total domination with the best Dunk Style Animation Package in NBA 2K24.
NBA 2K24 Best Dunk Style Animation Package for All Builds
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Almost nothing is more quintessential basketball than dunking, and having the best Dunk Style Animation Package in NBA 2K24 will guarantee you're doing it more in every single game. Not every build is a dunk machine, but even big man builds have some solid dunk options you'll need in MyCAREER.

This guide to the NBA 2K24 Best Dunk Style Animation Package won't just give you the player bundles you need, but we've got some crucial tips if you're looking to customize your animations. A few changes to your Contact Dunk and Two Foot Moving Dunks might make the difference next time someone tries to block you in The City. 

NBA 2K24 Best Dunk Style Animation Package

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Everyone plays NBA 2K24 differently, and that means not every build is going to have access to or even benefit from the exact same dunk animations. Finding the best dunk in NBA 2K24 will depend somewhat on preference, but the biggest factor is going to be the exact ratings and build you're using in MyCAREER.

If you're unsure whether your current setup is the right fit, check out our guide on the best builds in NBA 2K24 to decide if you need to start fresh with something new. Once you have the right build, our NBA 2K24 best badges guide will help you put the finishing touches on things.

While some players may want to customize all their dunk animations, the easiest option is usually just picking your favorite Signature Dunk package. Rather than checking other categories in Dunk Style Creator, players can use a single Signature Dunks package to gain access to a variety of dunking animations.

For players with low ratings, Klay Thompson is probably your best option as it comes with minimal requirements and gains access to several solid dunk animations you'd normally need higher ratings to access.

Best Signature Dunks in NBA 2K24

Ultimately you need to pick what fits your build and your playstyle, but here are the best Dunk Style Animation Packages in NBA 2K24:

Signature Dunk Standing Dunk Driving Dunk Vertical Height
Giannis Antetokounmpo Standing Dunk 75+ Driving Dunk 75+ Vertical 50+ Height At Least 6' 5''
Ben Simmons Standing Dunk 65+ Driving Dunk 75+ Vertical 65+ Height At Least 6' 5'' 
Dwight Howard Standing Dunk 75+ Driving Dunk 65+ Vertical 50+ Height At Least 6' 5'' 
LeBron James N/A Driving Dunk 84+ Vertical 64+ Height At Least 6' 5'' 
Dominique Wilkins N/A Driving Dunk 88+ Vertical 65+ Height At Least 6' 5'' 
Scottie Pippen N/A Driving Dunk 85+ Vertical 65+ Height At Least 6' 5''
Klay Thompson N/A Driving Dunk 55+ Vertical 35+ Height Under 6' 10''
DeMar DeRozan N/A Driving Dunk 75+ Vertical 55+ Height Under 6' 10''
Clyde Drexler N/A Driving Dunk 84+ Vertical 64+ Height Under 6' 10''
Russell Westbrook N/A Driving Dunk 93+ Vertical 80+ Height Under 6' 10''

The rarest of these may be the Westbrook package, as it has significant requirements not every build will have access to. Wilkins has access to several clutch dunks, and players who go with Drexler will score some Straight Arm Tomahawks with lower requirements.

Most of these packages are full of hard to block animations, but the most popular seem to be Klay Thompson and LeBron James. If you're using a Big Man build, it's basically dealer's choice based on exact build between Giannis Antetokounmpo, Dwight Howard, and Ben Simmons. However, players may prefer the simplicity and precision of being able to create a custom Dunk Style in NBA 2K24.

Best Custom Dunk Animations in NBA 2K24

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The other way to work with the Dunk Style Creator in NBA 2K24 is to hand select each of your dunking animations. Many dunk animations have to be purchased with a little VC, and which ones you have access to will change as your ratings increase.

This also means players can focus on meeting ratings requirements for a specific custom dunk animation or two early on as they build up towards meeeting the requirements of a key Signature Dunk package outlined above. Players who want to cut down on the frequence of blocked dunks but don't mind less variety should aim to have a few really dependable dunk animations equipped while leaving the rest unequipped.

However, the exception to that rule is Contact Dunks. While some players feel the Pro Contact Dunk should be left unequipped once you gain access to Elite Contact Dunks, the advantage to equipping several Contact Dunk animations is that you're more likely to have one trigger when opposing defenders try to contest your dunk attempts. At the very least, you always want to have the highest requirement Contact Dunk you have access to equipped in MyCAREER.

With so many different requirements for non-contact dunks, let's go category by category as we break down the best dunks in NBA 2K24:

Best Two Foot Moving Dunks

Your bread and butter of mostly safe dunk animations will be here, and there are two very reliable options that you can try out depending on what best fits your ratings and in-game timing:

  • Double Clutch Side Clutches Off Two (Driving Dunk 75+ and Vertical 55+)
  • Quick Drop-In Back Scratchers Off Two (Driving Dunk 85+ and Vertical 60+)

The second option can be a little safer from blocks, but your timing and your total Driving Dunk rating will still make a huge different in how often you score with these.

Best One Foot Moving Dunks

One-arm dunks can be a little riskier, but several consistently powerful animations are still available in MyCAREER:

  • Athletic One-Handers Off One (Driving Dunk 75+ and Vertical 55+)
  • Windmills Off One (Driving Dunk 85+ and Vertical 65+)
  • Back Scratchers Off One (Driving Dunk 89+ and Vertical 70+)
  • Straight Arm Tomahawks (Driving Dunk 95+ and Vertical 80+)

Even with low requirements, Athletic One-Handers Off One is a good reliable option for players to use. Straight Arm Tomahawks can be powerful, but you can also snag those in the Drexler package outlined above for lower requirements.

Best Standing Dunks

You'll probably only be worried about standing dunks if you're playing a big man build, but there are a few solid options to equip:

  • Two Hand Under Basket Regular (Standing Dunk 40+)
  • One Hand Under Basket Athletic (Standing Dunk 85+)

Ultimately, keeping it simple with your standing dunks as a big man is the way to go, but those with a higher rating will definitely not regret snagging the athletic animation.

Best Alley-Oops

Lastly we have Alley-Oops, and your options will be most limited for these animations. There aren't a ton of diferent Alley-Oop variations in NBA 2K24, but they'll be most important for some Big Man builds.

While we've left them off other categories here, the most important part of your Big Man package is likely going to be which Contact Alley-Oops you have access to. As such, it's good to know the requirements going in so you can make a build that'll have access:

  • Pro Contact Alley-Oop (Driving Dunk 84+ and Vertical 70+)
  • Elite Contact Alley-Oop (Driving Dunk 92+ and Vertical 80+)
  • Bigman Contact Alley-Oop (Standing Dunk 85+, Driving Dunk 70+, Vertical 60+, Height At Least 6' 10'')

That last one is most important for players with any build that meets the height requirement, as it can be a consistent dominator once you've met the other ratings requirements to gain access. If you're worried about having the cashflow to unlock any of these, check out the best VC glitch methods to earn currency in-game as quickly as possible.