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New NBA 2K24 Update Nukes Floor Setter, Fixes Gatorade Courts

A new NBA 2K24 update today nukes the Floor Setter item but does manage to fix Gatorade Courts.
New NBA 2K24 Update Nukes Floor Setter, Fixes Gatorade Courts

After dropping an early hotfix, the NBA 2K24 update today serves as the first major batch of fixes coming from developer Visual Concepts. MyCAREER was a clear focus, but some players may be disappointed that the new Floor Setter item just got patched to be significantly less powerful.

Fortunately, the NBA 2K24 update today does also address a handful of frustrating bugs facing players including struggles with the Gatorade Rental Courts.

NBA 2K24 Update Today

After revealing the full NBA 2K24 Patch Notes before deployment, v1.2 is now working its way onto platforms and giving players at least a few key fixes. Versions vary between consoles, but we know this is Update on Xbox Series X|S, and it's likely that this is Update 1.03 on PS4 and Update 1.003 on PS5. While a larger NBA 2K24 update is expected closer to the end of Season 1 and start of Season 2, this patch is already making a handful of important changes.

However, players may be upset as one of those big changes saw this year's new Floor Setter item in MyCAREER get majorly weakened. Floor Setter works by locking a base level for badge progression, as poor gameplay can actually cause one of the badges on your MyPLAYER to regress in skill level.

Prior to this update, players who obtained a Floor Setter were able to use that to lock in a base level for several badges. Following the NBA 2K24 update today, Floor Setter will no longer be able to be used on more than one badge. That means players will have to be very careful in deciding when and where to use them.

A handful of bug fixes were doled out across MyTEAM, MyNBA, MyCAREER, and The City. Among them, gamers will likely be most happy to hear the Gatorade Rental Courts in The City now properly allow you to join a friend using the Social Menu. Practicing in the Gatorade Courts is always a great way to get your online timing down, and now joining up to practice together should be working as intended.