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NBA 2K24 Sunset Park Poster Locations to Unlock Shep & Hot Dog Hat

Secure Shep and the Hot Dog Hat with every Sunset Park poster location in NBA 2K24 MyCAREER.
NBA 2K24 Sunset Park Poster Locations to Unlock Shep & Hot Dog Hat

While there aren't quite as many quests in MyCAREER this year, one that players are all looking to wrap up is the hunt for Sunset Park posters. New gear is always exciting, but the NBA 2K24 Sunset Park poster locations are also tied to Streetball where you'll try to knock off all eight bosses.

If you want a leg up, make sure to use this guide to all NBA 2K24 Sunset Park poster locations in The City. After you've collected them all and wrapped up the subsequent quest, you'll have a brand new teammate to use in Sunset Park and a classic look back in your closet.

NBA 2K24 Sunset Park Poster Locations in The City

NBA 2K24 Sunset Park Poster Locations The City

One of the most challenging quests this year is Streetball at Sunset Park where you'll be taking on eight different bosses of varying difficulties. Part of the reason for this challenge is that when you start off, you'll have some pretty low rated teammates on your side.

While players with good shooting skills may be able to manage despite that, one great way to get a leg up is to go searching for all the Sunset Park poster locations in NBA 2K24. There are nine of them littered throughout The City, and it shouldn't take long for you to collect them all.

Sunset Park Entrance - Poster Location 1


The first place to start is going to be Sunset Park itself. If you aren't seeing the posters, it's because you need to play the inaugural Sunset Park game which triggers the Streetball at Sunset Park quest. On the bottom right of the entrance graffiti for Sunset Park, you'll find the first poster.

Near Brickley's Gym - Poster Locations 2 and 3


Head just south of Sunset Park and towards Brickley's Gym. There are two posters in very nearby locations here. The first will actually be on the wall of the building just west of Brickley's Gym, and after that head to the east side of Brickley's Gym to snag the other poster off that building's wall.

The Point Entrance - Poster Location 4


Next up, head just southwest of that location and look for The Point. There's a painted cobblestone style wall entrance, and your fourth Sunset Park poster is located right next to The Point's entrance graffiti art.

Team Practice Facility - Poster Location 5


Head back towards the center of The City now to the Team Practice Facility. This one is a bit tricky if you're not sure where to look. On the far-right of the building, there's a little corner area where the left-hand green dot above is located. Go to the hidden side of this corner and you'll find the fifth Sunset Park poster.

Elite Affiliation Entrance - Poster Location 6


Next up, head south in The City until you reach the southernmost strip. First, head west towards The Elite Affiliation entrance. Just to the right before their entrance you'll spot the sixth Sunset Park poster location behind an outdoor umbrella table.

Pro-Am Building - Poster Location 7


Another one of the trickier Sunset Park poster locations, you need to travel east on that southern strip away from The Elite Affiliation and towards the Pro-Am building. The seventh poster is nestled against the wall on the east side of the entrance architecture. 

Club 2K / Rise Affiliation Entrance - Poster Location 8


While it's at the Rise Affiliation entrance, Club 2K is the better landmark for the eigth of the Sunset Park poster locations in NBA 2K24. If you've just gotten the Pro-Am poster, keep heading east until you see Club 2K and the wall just beside it. Your penultimate poster is against the Rise Affiliation entrance wall just east of Club 2K.

Art of Shooting Gym - Poster Location 9


Lastly, head back north into the eastern part of The City for the ninth poster. This one is located on the east side of the Art of Shooting Gym between a flower planter and some bicycles. After you collect all the Sunset Park posters, this will trigger a new quest to wrap things up.

Guerilla Marketing - Unlock Hot Dog Hat and Shep in Streetball

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When the final poster has been collected, you'll get a quest called Guerilla Marketing. This gives you a quest marker right next to The Yard on the east side of The City. If you followed this NBA 2K24 Sunset Park poster locations guide in order, you shouldn't be far from it after snagging the Art of Shooting Gym poster.

You'll find Shep at the quest marker by one last poster. Talking to him triggers a cutscene, and after that you'll have officially completed Guerilla Marketing. This will earn you the Hot Dog Hat for your MyPLAYER, but most importantly you'll unlock Shep as a teammate in Streetball. With an 86 OVR, he's more than worth the few minutes it will take to collect all the NBA 2K24 Sunset Park posters.