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NBA 2K24 Club 2K Location, Rewards, and Event Schedule

Get ready for new music and major in-game rewards at Club 2K every week in NBA 2K24.
NBA 2K24 Club 2K Location, Rewards, and Event Schedule

Another year of MyCAREER is once again bringing back the beloved Club 2K to NBA 2K24. This temporary and exclusive event rolls around every week, and there are some must-have rewards when it arrives.

Whether it's already party night or you want to look ahead and have something to look forward to, we've got the NBA 2K24 Club 2K location and details on exactly when everything is set to arrive. There may even be a whole new set of scheduled events in store for players this year.

How to find and enter Club 2K in NBA 2K24

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NBA 2K24 MyCAREER saw some significant changes this year with a streamlined story mode that ditched most of the miscellaneous quests and put players back on the court as much as possible. However, events in The City remain a hot commodity and one of the fan favorites will be back every single week.

You can see the Club 2K location above right at the bottom of the "i" in the RISE logo near the southeastern shore of The City. Setting a waypoint can be helpful, but the easiest way to get there is to head to the southernmost street that connects each of the Affiliations in MyCAREER. Head east on that street and you won't be able to miss Club 2K.

Club 2K Event Schedule, Start Time, and Rewards

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If you're still wondering what's so special about the exclusive and rarely open Club 2K, then there are some fantastic MyCAREER rewards you won't want to miss out on. New music will join the 2K Beats soundtrack for NBA 2K24, and exclusive new gear will be available as part of the Club 2K events.

Perhaps the bonus players will be most excited about though is that the Club 2K event will feature 2X Rep rewards which can go a long way in MyCAREER. However, the window to enjoy Club 2K isn't going to be large.

Club 2K is open to players every Friday from 9pm ET to Midnight ET. That's right, it's only three exclusive hours on the weekend. Your timing might be slightly different if you live in another region, but you can always check the MyNBA 2K App to be sure. You can also check all the other schedule events in The City from the app, and that could include the new Signature Events Center recently teased by Ronnie 2K.