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How to catch Blue-Blooded Barb in New World

The Blue-Blooded Barb is one of several Legendary fish in New World.
How to catch Blue-Blooded Barb in New World

As a player might expect, the legendary fish in New World are harder to catch and are far rarer than the normal salmon or trout found in Aeternum. There is only a handful of legendary fish that players can fish for, and the Blue-Blooded Barb is one of them.

Legendary fish are mostly used to sell at trading posts or to cook in high-tier recipes. The fish sell for various amounts depending on what they are, but many players opt to cook them instead. This can give them an insane buff to one of their stats and is usually worth the effort of attempting to reel the fish in. 

For the Blue-Blooded Barb specifically, players will need to be in a specific region and need to visit various spots with that region in New World. 

Catching Blue-Blooded Barb in New World 

How to catch Blue-Blooded Barb in New World
Fishing takes a long time to level up in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The only spot where players can catch Blue-Blooded Barb in is Reekwater. This is a high-level region, so players will need to be at the appropriate level if they wish to enter the region’s borders. 

Before players set off, they’ll need to have plenty of bait on hand. This bait should be mostly Glowworm and Firefly Bait. Also, players will want to seek out the specific fishing hotspots located in Reekwater. There are a few different ones, with four or five surrounding Forecastle Drift. The large lake in the southeast of the region is where players will likely want to head to. 

How to catch Blue-Blooded Barb in New World
Fishing can be very rewarding as a trade skill. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Once there, players need to get out their rods, throw on some bait, find a hotspot and then begin casting and reeling. The Blue-Blooded Barb will be tough to reel in, and players will need to fight with the fishing meter quite a bit. However, with enough luck, players will land one of the Barbs eventually. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.