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New World server maintenance schedule: Server merging list

Amazon Games has released a New World server maintenance schedule for the planned merging of underpopulated worlds. Here's a full list of scheduled server downtimes as well as a list of servers set for merging.
New World server maintenance schedule: Server merging list

Amazon's MMORPG New World has been going through ups and downs since the game's release in September when it peaked at over 900,000 concurrent players on launch day.

Three months later the game has fallen under 100,000 concurrent players for the first time since its release, which was the result of various problems such are poor balance, uninteresting end game content, numerous exploitsbugs and glitches, and other issues.

Despite somewhat regular updates and patches, the game still struggles to maintain its player base, and the game's gradual decline in the number of players has led to server issues due to the way New World's "worlds" are structured.

New World had dozens (if not hundreds) of servers at launch with 2,000 concurrent player caps, and back at launch Amazon Games advised players to make their characters on the lower populated servers to avoid long queues.

That advice has backfired as now many of the lower populated serves are all but empty, and the remaining players cant find enough other players to play the game properly.

As a response to this issue, Amazon Games has decided to start merging worlds in order to overcome the issue with low player numbers on some servers.

New World server maintenance schedule

New World server maintenance schedule: Server merging list
Underpopulated servers will merge into bigger ones. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The merging of New World servers will occur across Central Europe, US-East, US-West, and Australia regions.

In order for this integration to happen, servers will need to be taken down for maintenance.

Here are the downtimes for each region:

  • Central Europe: 18th Dec 2:00 AM CET
  • US East 17th Dec 6:00 PM ET
  • US West 17th Dec 6:00 PM PT
  • Australia 17th Dec 6:00 PM AT
New World server maintenance schedule: Server merging list
New World server merging should fix the issue with a low player count on some servers. (Picture: Amazon Games)

And here is the list of worlds being taken down for this downtime.


  • Cantahar, Aztlan, Topan, Rosetau and Carabas for Arkadia Zeta.

  • Xibalba, Locuta, Krocylea, Cedar Forest and Blefuscu for Arkadia Eta.

  • Adlivun, Minda, Loloi, Kay Pacha, Euphrates and Brobdingnag for Arkadia Theta.

  • Calnogor for Arkadia Mu.

  • Ensipe, Pyrallis, Maldonada, and Tumtum for Arkadia Mu.

  • Ute-Yomigo, Chicomoztoc, Tamoanchan, Glubbdubdrib and Tulgey Wood for Arkadia Nu.

  • Sitara, Hanan Pacha, Babilary, Argadnel, Barataria and Utensia for Arkadia Xi.

  • Bilskirnir, Caerleon, Dinas Emrys and Himinbjorg for Arkadia Rho.

  • Charybdis, Ker-Is, Lemonsyne, Macaria and Vlaanderen for Arkadia Tau.

  • Savoya, Maharloka, Onogoro, Dis, Asmaida and Vyraj for Arkadia Phi.

  • Duguang, Falias, Moriai, Kaluwalhatian and Maca for Arkadia Chi.

  • Ruach, Heliopolis, Tritonis, Norumbega, Elphame and Chinvat for Arkadia Psi.

  • Royllo, Ogygia, Tlalocan, Atvatabar, Andlang and Vidblain for Arkadia Omega.

  • Ydalir, Vingolf, Pahurli, Nunne Chaha, and Opona for Arkadia Ultra.

  • Orun, Takamagahara, Aarnivalkea, Balnibari, Briedablik, and Oponskoye for Arkada Firma.

  • Vaitarani, Aeaea, Cantref Gwaelod, Emain Albach, Iriy and Metnal for Arkadia Omicron.

  • Flkvangr, Himavanta, Irminsul, Lokomorye, and Karpathenburg for Arkadia Lambda.

  • Neritum, Amsvartnir, Asphodel, Hufaidh, Nolandia, and Onkeion for Arkadia Sigma.

  • Brazir, Bentusle, Hy-Brasil, Nepenthe and Mu for Arkadia Kappa.

  • Antullia, Jezirat al Tennyn, Podesta, Maleas, Lesnik and Bembina for Arkadia Radial.

  • Tinfu, Santu, Jinyuan, Youming, Elelin, and Empi for Arkadia Terra.

  • Boosaule, Britannula, Caeno, Cenculiana, Ceryneia, and Deipnias for Arkadia Alto.

  • Dindymon and Diyu for Arkadia Coral.

  • Eupana, Galunlati, Harpagion, Hippocrene, Houssa, and Houkang for Arkadia Coral.

  • Idadalmunon and Jiuyou for Arkadia Luft.


  • Linnunrata, Mulitefao, Ptolemais, Tarshish and Tayopa for Westernesse Zeta.

  • Uku Pacha, Phlegethon, Killaraus and Ophir will be merging into for Westernesse Eta.

  • Vourukasha, Iardanes, Ashok Vatika and Satanazes for Westernesse Theta.

  • Pohjola, Mimisbrunnr, Ortygia, and Parima for Westernesse Mu.

  • Aukumea, Plancta, Riallaro, Kronomo and Quanlu* for Westernesse Nu.

  • Sarragalla, Theleme, Tlillan-Tlapallan and Taenarum for Westernesse Xi.

  • Rarohenga, Kokytos, Tipra Chonnlai, Saknussemm and Rupes Nigra for Westernesse Rho.

  • Samavasarana, Magnhalour, Tuonela and Sannikov Land for Westernesse Tau.


  • Karalku, Duzkh, Lemuria, Khmun and Luggnagg for Pangaia Zeta.

  • Agartha, Eridu, Yama, Yomi and Lindalino for Pangaia Eta.

  • Zara, Barzakh, Hsuan, Kibu, Geatland and Erythia for Pangaia Theta.

  • Buzhou, Fusang, Laputa, and Acherusia for Pangaia Mu.

  • Kyphanta, Cynthus, Crommyon, Cretea and Kressa for Pangaia Nu.

  • Myrkalfar, Batala, Puyok, Ibabawnon and Heorot for Pangaia Tau.

Central Europe

  • Duat, Eurytheia, Finias, Takshasila, and Diana’s Grove for Vanaheim Zeta.

  • Ekera, Gaunes, Argyre, Ismarus Eta and Harpinna for Vanaheim Eta.

  • Eridanus, Gorias, Montes Serrorum, Hippotae and Ismarus Theta for Vanaheim Theta.

  • Slavna, Opar, Tupia, Pointland and Wonderland for Vanaheim Mu.

  • Silpium, Ganzir, Aiolio and Vagon will be merging into Learad for Vanaheim Nu.

  • Annwyn, Zerzura, Damalise and Nowhere for Vanaheim Xi.

  • Ravenal, Vimur, Thrudheim and Jansenia for Vanaheim Rho.

  • Saena, Urdarbrunn, Penglai and Carcosa for Vanaheim Tau.

  • Alfheim, Vainola, Ophir and Bermeja for Vanaheim Phi.

  • Panchaia, Nastrond, Gladsheim and Vaikuntha will be merging into Aaru for Vanaheim Chi.

  • Noatun, Suddene, Nysos and Nexdorea for Vanaheim Psi.

  • Tabor Island, Bakhu, Estotiland and Melinde for Vanaheim Omega.

  • Groclant, Erewhon, Balita, Inferni, and Thule will be merging into Tir Na Nog for Vanaheim Omega.

  • Idavoll, Runeberg, Naxos, Kantia, and Jacquet will be merging into Murias for Vanaheim Firma.

  • Icaria, Tanje, Pellucidar, and Kianida for Vanaheim Omicron.

  • Pulotu, Kvenland, Frisland and Larissa for Vanaheim Lambda.

  • Iroko, Ketumati, Una-bara, Petermannland, and Pepys for Vanaheim Sigma.

  • Mayda, Wachusette and Zanara for Vanaheim Kappa.

  • Jotunheim for Vanaheim Radial.

  • Jumala, Kaloon, Caprona, Malva and Lethe for Vanaheim Alto.

  • Corbenic, Goldenthal, Lesath, Marsic and Kioram will be merging into Tartarus for Vanaheim Core.

  • Chryse, Dvaraka, Banoic, Cassipa, and Canis will be merging into Arcturus for Vanaheim Coral.

  • Caspak, Altruria, Barsoom, Nericus, Eridanus Luft and Fomax for Vanaheim Luft.

  • Pavlopetri, Kerguelen, Heracleion, Ravenspurn, Muziris and Otuken will be merging into Balanjar for Vanaheim Tenebris.

  • Emathia, Hellopia, Quivira, Vicina, Apis and Swevenham for Vanaheim Lux.

  • Hydrus, Lepus, Menkar, Nembus, Pollux and Serpens for Vanaheim Astra.

  • Subra, Vineta, Yourang, Youda, and Yinjian for Vanaheim Omnia.

  • Vyrij, Wood Perilous, Xarayes, Alioth and Antares for Vanaheim Vox.

  • Canopis, Cygnus, Grus, Izar and Karaka for Vanaheim Summit.

  • Acrus for Vanaheim Nox.

  • Baltica for Vanaheim Sterren.

  • Caph for Vanaheim Soleil.

  • Kurhah for Vanaheim Nacht.

At the moment, it is not yet specified how long this downtime will last. All these servers will be merged into bigger ones once the maintenance is complete.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.