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How to Between The Legs Deke, Pass & Shot in NHL 24

Master the agile Between The Legs Deke in NHL 24, and learn how to ramp it up by transitioning to a pass or shot.
How to Between The Legs Deke, Pass & Shot in NHL 24

With the advent of a new control scheme, previously complex dekes are now easier than ever including the Between The Legs Deke in NHL 24. You'll need the right tips and a little practice to make this one sing on the ice, but it'll be unforgettable when it does.

We've got all the NHL 24 controls you need to know for the Between The Legs Deke. If you want to spice things up even more, we've got tips to turn it into a Between The Legs Shot or Pass when the time is right.

How to Between The Legs Deke & Pass in NHL 24

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Thanks to the new Total Control layout in NHL 24, previously complex moves like the Lacrosse Deke or Between The Legs Pass have been significantly simplified for players. They'll still be difficult to nail at the right moment, but the controls themselves have gotten much easier than in previous years.

To do a Between The Legs Deke in NHL 24, all you have to do is press B or Circle. However, your choice after pressing that button will determine the exact type of maneuver you're hitting. If all you want to do is slip the puck between your legs to keep it away from the defender with a Between The Legs Deke, hold B or Circle and then press LB or L1 to cancel any further action and bring the puck back to regular position.

If you want to execute a Between The Legs Pass, hold B or Circle then Press RT or R2 with the Left Stick pointed towards the teammate you want the puck to head towards. You can also change that to a Between The Legs Saucer Pass by pressing RB or R1 instead of RT or R2. You can practice these moves in action in HUT Rush for Hockey Ultimate Team where you'll even get real-time feedback confirming you nailed a Between The Legs Pass or Shot.

How to Score a Between The Legs Shot in NHL 24

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If you want to step things up a notch and try to rack up goals with the Between The Legs Shot in NHL 24, it'll take an additional amount of practice and timing. Actually executing the Between The Legs Shot animation is as easy as pressing B or Circle then releasing the button.

Start by spending some time in Free Skate using skaters that are both left-handed and right-handed. Try hitting a Between The Legs Shot from several different locations across the ice, and ideally you should get a pretty good feel of the direction and force your shot will have when executed.

From there, you can take what you've learned into other game modes or HUT Rush as mentioned above. With a little practice, you'll soon be nailing a slick Between The Legs Shot without breaking a sweat.