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NHL 24 Update Brings Major Goalie Gameplay Overhaul

The arrival of NHL 24 Update 1.4.0 has some major changes for goalie gameplay.
NHL 24 Update Brings Major Goalie Gameplay Overhaul
GINX/Patches Chance

We've seen plenty of adjustments to goalies this year, but the latest NHL 24 update is making another series of changes. Less than a week after a tuner update dropped to address complaints about the Full Pressure system, NHL 24 update 1.4.0 is providing a complete goalie overhaul. With everything from goalie X-Factors to size balancing and saves, this NHL 24 patch will have a ripple effect across the whole game.

NHL 24 update 1.4.0 brings goalie overhaul

NHL 24 2023-10-11 14-31-00

If you're used to playing goalie in NHL 24, things are changing. NHL 24 update 1.4.0 is changing multiple X-Factor abilities for goalies including Light Work, Extra Padding, Whirlwind, Handled It, and Energizer. Every single one of them has been buffed to be more powerful.

They've also made some changes to address how much players stick to larger goalies in EASHL and HUT, so smaller goalies will now receive less penalty for far reaching saves while larger goalies with struggle with far reaching saves. The ability to reach is scaled by goalie height now, but it's specific to when Light Work or Extra Padding are equipped.

Saves made by player-controlled goalies are also getting adjusted. Goalies will now be more effected at making saves when square to the puck, but far reaching saves when out of position will be more difficult. Goalies will also have to contend with a buff for push checks in front of the net, as defending players will have less risk of drawing an interference penalty moving forward. Finally, some adjustments were made to goalie save animations along with new ones added for quick saves to the glove and five hole.

This NHL 24 update also added the Jump on Boards celebration, fixed bugs across multiple game modes, and added or updated several uniforms. Hopefully the latest changes have finally found a balance in the game, but NHL 24 devs are clearly still listening to player feedback and trying to get it all tuned as perfectly as possible.