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NHL 24: How to Score More Goals

Put pressure on the goalie with these tips to score more goals in NHL 24.
NHL 24: How to Score More Goals
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You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take, but taking the right shots in NHL 24 will help you actually score goals. Every year things change, but the new Sustained Pressure system has absolutely leveled the ice in NHL 24.

Here, we'll go over several top tips to create openings and score more goals in NHL 24. If you're looking for a reliable new move, we've also got details on a few particularly deadly shots to try if you're in a scoring slump.

NHL 24 Tips to Score More Goals

NHL 24 2023-11-03 20-03-28

Small gameplay tweaks always shake things up each year, but the Sustained Pressure system is a major gamechanger in NHL 24. In the past, there really wasn't a mechanic to reward continued pressure in the offensive zone. Now, even missed shots and passes in the zone will make it easier to score your next goal.

If you can fill up the Sustained Pressure meter enough to trigger a 30-second burst of Full Pressure, that's by far the best time to look for goals. If you manage to combo that with a Power Play and the right shots, you'll be almost unstoppable.

Slap shots and wrist shots from distance have been more effective this year, especially if you've got pressure and other players near the net. You also want to get used to watching for how the goalie transitions between animations.

When you skate behind the net with the puck and come around the other side, the goalie has a tendency to hug the post to protect a side shot. Get just enough space around and in front of the net, and watch for the goalie to come off the post then take your shot the second they leave an opening in the corner of the net.

You also want to make a habit of making at least two or three deke moves before a shot, and try to keep your player mobile while shooting. The deke moves can be as simple as moving the puck side to side, but you also want to keep your player moving side to side and watch how this forces an opposing goalie to shift and leave open gaps in the net.

Backhand > Forehand

One change that's becoming evident this year is the superiority of backhand shots in NHL 24. While forehand shots still have plenty of use in the right situations, overall backhand shots have felt faster and most players are having more luck scoring with them.

Shoot for Rebounds

Sometimes you have to miss before you score, and rebounds are a fantastic way to get more goals in net. Rebounds, especially if you aim for the goalie's pads, can bounce and leave a different player wide open for an easy goal, so make sure someone else is near the net ready to make the shot.

Ye Olde One-Timer

Just like it remains a staple of the league, to score goals in NHL 24 you never wanna stop using a trusty one-timer shot. Generally, the quicker you get the shot off and the closer the one-timer player is to the net, the more likely it is to end with a goal.

The Toe Drag Shot

Several of previously more complex moves were simplified in the NHL 24 controls this year including the Toe Drag Shot, which you can attempt by using X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation. Spend some time in free skate getting a feel for how to aim this one, and you'll soon notice the quick backhand movement before the shot leaves some fantastic openings for a quick goal.

Just Keep Shooting

Look, it's not just because of the Wayne Gretzky quote. If you want to score more goals in NHL 24, you need to keep shooting every time you feel like there's an opening. This isn't just to play the numbers, it's because every consecutive shot increases your likelihood the next one goes in. Additional shots on goal will send you into Full Pressure state much faster than passes or just time spent in the offensive zone.

On top of that, each shot will wear down the goalie by adding fatigue, and missed shots can create openings to score with rebounds or quick one-timers. It'll take practice, and you can always drop the difficulty if you prefer, but with these tips you should be able to consistently score in NHL 24.