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NHL 24 Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes, EASHL Jersey Bug Fixed (November 28)

Keep track of every change with all the NHL 24 update news and patch notes since launch.
NHL 24 Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes, EASHL Jersey Bug Fixed (November 28)
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With so many new systems and key controls changes this year, it's no surprise that the NHL 24 Patch Notes will continue bringing relief in the form of gameplay tuning and bug fixes. Fortunately, that also includes EA Sports actually listening to Community Feedback and making appropriate adjustments with it in mind.

We've got all the latest news on each NHL 24 update and when the next set of changes should arrive. We'll also keep track of all NHL 24 patch notes throughout the year, so you can always check back here to see how things are different since the game first arrived.

Updated November 28, 2023: Just days after a major title update, another new patch is already on the way to address "prolonged load-times in World of Chel." 

Latest NHL 24 Update News

Stay up to date with all the latest news about each NHL 24 update this year. We'll also keep track of recent bugs and comments from EA about changes planned for future updates. There's always a chance for additional hotfixes or updates, but a full NHL 24 update can be expected about once per month. 

November 24, 2023 - NHL 24 Update to Address World of Chel Loading Times

In a quick update following the previous set of patch notes, NHL 24 Community Manager Clappy shared that another hotfix is already on the way. In the next week, they're deploying a new patch "that will help us better diagnose why some players may be experiencing prolonged load-times within World of Chel."

November 23, 2023 - NHL 24 Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes Revealed

Just a few weeks after the last key title update, NHL 24 Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes have been released by EA Sports. This update is set to deploy on November 23 at approximately 12pm ET, and it'll bring some needed fixes and key gameplay tuning.

November 8, 2023 - NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes Revealed

The next major title update is now confirmed as NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes have been released by EA Sports. This update is set to deploy on November 9 at approximately 12pm ET, as so far every NHL 24 patch notes reveal has come the day before an impending update.

October 23, 2023 - NHL 24 Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes Revealed

After originally promising the changes prior to launch, NHL 24 Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes have been revealed and will indeed bring the control options fans wanted. Additional fixes ready across various aspects of the game will also deploy.

October 5, 2023 - NHL 24 Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes Revealed

Ahead of deployment on October 6, EA Sports announced the NHL 24 Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes. The previously promised control changes aren't there yet, but it was mentioned and is still planned for an upcoming update.

October 2, 2023 - NHL 24 Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes Revealed

The pre-launch Community Playtest Update from EA Sports also included the full NHL 24 Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes. Several key tuning changes were made ahead of launch based on player feedback.

August 29, 2023 - Controls update promised after Community Playtest

As announced by EA Sports NHL on Twitter, they'd gathered feedback from the pre-launch Community Playtest and have a few changes on the way in a post-launch update. Hybrid Controls will return as a control option alongside Goalie Tether and the standard Goalie Controls systems, and players will have the option to use the Goalie Control system previously available in NHL 23.

That wraps up all the latest news. Keep an eye on the EA Sports NHL account on Twitter, as they'll usually drop any news about upcoming changes there.

NHL 24 Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes (November 23)

NHL 24 2023-10-02 23-03-58

The pesky and ever-frustrating EASHL Jersey Glitch has finally been addressed in this hotfix, but the NHL 24 Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes detailed several other key changes. Gameplay tuning is happening once more with several community feedback based adjustments.

Here are the full NHL 24 Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes:

Key Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to load into games wearing a default black EASHL jersey instead of their own.
  • Hip Checks now use default interference logic to create more consistent penalty calls.
    • The player throwing a Hip Check needs to be completely in the Hip Check animation for a hip check to be successful.
    • Added logic that requires a higher relative speed between the Hip Checker and the hittee to create large hip check reactions.
  • Reduced time puck needs to be out of zone to end Full Pressure from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Reduced the negative attribute multiplier applied to Pinned players during Full Pressure from 20% to 15%.
    • Removed the negative Energy Drain multiplier for a team on the Penalty Kill, to avoid double stacking with the Full Pressure Energy Drain multiplier.
  • Greatly reduced the probability of CPU Teammate taking penalties, and made this consistent across all Game Styles.


Community Feedback: Hip Checks are really fun to use and useful at making big hits, however they are too overpowered in non-authentic situations and the risk of taking a penalty is too low. 

  • Hip Checks now use default interference logic to create more consistent penalty calls.
  • The player throwing a Hip Check needs to be completely in the Hip Check animation for a hip check to be successful.
  • Players who are getting Hip Checked can slow down before contact to help reduce the impact and reaction of the Hip Check.
  • Added logic that requires a higher relative speed between the Hip Checker and the hittee to create large hip check reactions.

Community Feedback:  While using Total Controls controller scheme, players are accidentally triggering Reverse Hit by clicking down the right stick while trying to perform dekes or shots.

  • While using the Total Control controller scheme, Reverse Hit will not be triggered while the puck carrier is in a right stick Stickhandle or Deke animation.
    • The skater must be in a neutral skating/gliding state in order to trigger a Reverse Hit.

Other Gameplay Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where AI teammates were triggering stick tie ups for a few frames which could cause an interference penalty to be called.
  • Fixed an issue where Shoulder Checks could target a player without the puck, even if the player had the puck carrier lined up.
  • Fixed an issue where in Be A Pro players were unable to perform the Between-the-Legs deke while using the Total Control controller scheme.

We have also released a new Tuner Set to accompany Patch 1.2.1 improvements.

Community Feedback:  The removal of R2/RT glitch shots has made shooting less effective, and overall less of a viable threat. This results in players focusing on scoring through very close range shots, backdoor tap-ins and breakaways which makes scoring feel predictable. Players want shooting to be a threat especially in optimal shooting locations and as your opponents goalie becomes more fatigued.

  • For CPU Goalies, Increased max accuracy error when the goalie is performing a save with a low precision score. This will result in more opportunities for shots to beat the goalie clean and create more unpredictable outcomes, especially as a goalie becomes more tired.
  • The distance required to trigger Thunderclap and Heatseeker have been reduced by 10 feet, allowing skaters to get closer to the net to blast home shots with these X-factors.
  • Reduced the Close to the Net power modifier on close range shots from 20 feet to 15 feet to increase the threat of shots from inside the slot.

Community Feedback: The Full Pressure impact on the team that is pinned is too powerful and doesn’t feel authentic to the situation. Full Pressure while on a Penalty Kill is extra punishing and the time to end Full Pressure when the puck is out of the zone is too long.

  • Reduced time puck needs to be out of zone to end Full Pressure from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Reduced the negative attribute multiplier applied to Pinned players during Full Pressure from 20% to 15%.
  • Removed the negative Energy Drain multiplier for a team on the Penalty Kill, to avoid double stacking with the Full Pressure Energy Drain multiplier.

Community Feedback: Goalies take too long to recover Energy when the puck is out of the zone and having Goalie slowly drain energy when the puck in the zone doesn’t feel authentic. 

  • Removed the energy drain a goalie receives while the puck is in their defending end.
  • Slightly increased the amount of Stamina a goalie loses when performing a save. 
    • (Stamina Drain is mitigated by Durability Attribute)
  • Increased the Goalies neutral zone energy recovery to be identical to the energy recovery for when the puck is in the attacking zone. (Energy Recovery is boosted by Endurance Attribute)

Community Feedback: CPU Teammates are taking too many penalties which is causing frustration, especially in competitive games.

  • Greatly reduced the probability of CPU Teammate taking penalties, and made this consistent across all Game Styles.

Other Gameplay Updates:

  • Disabled chance of Auto Fights triggering from hits into the boards.
  • Reduced the range defending players can push check in front of the net with reduced chance of taking an interference penalty, from 40 feet to 30 feet.
  • Increased the chance of a CPU Goalie performing a Michigan Save attempt from 30% to 80% when in position.
  • Adjusted the Player of the Game / Period highlight reel scoring weights to provide more highlights for important goals and big saves.

Be a Pro

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect line change button callout showing during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where the Be a Pro player ages when saving changes in Edit Player


  • Increased speed of salary scroll when offering coaches contracts
  • Fixed an issue where having the auto-sign free agents setting set to “On” didn’t always include some prospects

Creation Zone

  • Fixed issue where sometimes creating a Defensive Defenseman created a defensemen with a forward playstyle


  • Updated Buffalo Sabres Goal Horn
  • Updated Detroit Red Wings Goal Horn
  • Fixed an issue where World of Chel soundtrack was playing while previewing emotes, this has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to hear the announcer speech about games before and after home stand and road trip scenarios, this has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue during the rush Mini Narrative that after a shotblock there was no shot resolve and instead said couldn't get the shot off, this has been resolved.
  • Some intros could play for leagues that are not currently in the NHL, this has been resolved.

World of Chel

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to load into games wearing a default black EASHL jersey instead of their own.
  • Fixed an issue where goalie control settings were not being saved after playing a game with the controls modified.
  • Fixed an issue where Banners and Emblems were not displayed correctly in creation zone when selecting to view them from the world of chel store.
  • Fixed an issue where a user’s home equipment preset would be used when the club was wearing their alternate uniforms.
  • Fixed an error that would occur if a club tried to change their uniforms a 2nd time in the matchup screen in EASHL clubs.
  • Fixed an issue where all changes in creation made on Account 1 would carry over to Account 2 after switching profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Club Finals stats overlay persisted into gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters boosts were not showing on the attribute chart when viewing loadouts from the dressing room or matchup screen.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to report a blocked player in EA Connect.
  • Fixed an issue where the user would be taken to the NHL Main Menu if they selected the EA Connect clubs deep link while on the purchase NHL Points screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the screens user interface will break if the user selects the EA Connect clubs deep link while in a creation zone sub layer.
  • Fixed an issue where some tabs are missing on World of Chel main hub if the user deep links to clubs from the EA Connect after quitting out of Free Skate.
  • Fixed an issue where the World of Chel coins received was showing on the Club Tab during the end of game screen flow.
  • Fixed various text color issues

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Fixed issue with display of objectives progress in pause menu during game.
  • Various UI Fixes

That wraps up everything on the move in Update 1.2.0, but you can check out the NHL 24 Patch Notes below for every previous update.

Old NHL 24 Update Patch Notes

NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes - November 9, 2023

After dropping a few updates early in the year to take care of pre-launch feedback and changes, the NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes have been revealed. This update was announced on November 8 but is set to deploy on all platforms at 12pm ET on November 9, which will take the NHL 24 servers offline temporarily

Most notably, players should keep in mind this NHL 24 update is changing several aspects of gameplay based on community feedback. The Lacrosse Shot, one of the most complex and difficult NHL 24 dekes, will get more challenging, and several other aspects will get slight adjustments that will be felt all throughout the game.

Here are the official NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes:


Community Feedback: Lacrosse Shot is too easy to perform with low dekeing rated players.

  • Added a chance to bobble a Lacrosse attempt while performing the move using the Total Control skill move button. The lower the deke attribute rating on the skater, the higher the chance for a bobble.
  • Increased the difficulty of performing a Lacrosse attempt via Skillstick to match NHL23. The right stick now requires a more consistent Rotation Speed or the skater will lose the puck.
  • Skilled Up X-Factor improves the playback speed of the animation like before and keeps control of the puck similar to last patch

Community Feedback: Players are taking unintentional push check related penalties in the offensive zone when trying to one time or shoot a loose puck.

  • Holding Vision Control, while in the offensive zone and opponent doesn’t possess the puck will now prioritize Shooting over Hitting when using the Right Stick.

Community Feedback: Players have found unintentional ways to shoot the puck while charging a Pass, resulting in ‘curve’ shots or unrealistic shot animations.

  • Fixed the reported issues so players cannot trigger the wrong shot animations and gain an unfair advantage.

Community Feedback: Charging a Shoulder Check can cause your skater to gain a quick boost of speed as they align for a hit which allows them to catch up to players unintentionally.

  • The maximum velocity a skater can reach while charging a hit has been capped.
  • Removed the bonus Hit Assistance while using Truculence Zone Ability.

Community Feedback: Goalies are stuck in their poke check animation too long without being able to breakout into a save. This allows players to easily bait them into a poke and then score. Some poke check animations take too long for the goalie to extend and recover.

  • After the apex of a Goalies poke check animation, they are now able to break out into a save animation.
  • Extremely long poke check animations have been shortened to be more consistent with the rest of the poke check animations.

Community Feedback: Players have found a high percentage way to score, while shooting the puck while the goalie is transitioning off Hug Post in a specific pose.

  • Slightly increased the distance a Goalie will stay hugging the post when a skater comes out of the corner, allowing them to make more controlled butterfly saves.

Community Feedback: Players have found a way to gain an unintentional boost of speed while saucer passing to themselves with certain skaters and from the backhand.

  • The distance the puck travels at minimum power saucer pass is now based on player velocity, pushing the puck further from the player.

Community Feedback: Skaters unintentionally enter the Slap Shot windup animation after stopping Protect Puck while holding right stick in a downward angle.

  • Users must release the right stick to the neutral position and push the stick down again to trigger a slapshot windup from protect puck. 

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Vision Pass Icons remained visible after the end of a Period.
  • Fixed an issue where NHL Skaters who lost their helmet would not skate directly to the bench.
  • Fixed an issue when using Vision Pass to pass to an extra attacker could trigger a poke check animation.
  • Fixed an issue where a team may accidentally get a too many men penalty in OT.
  • Fixed an issue where an extra Goalie Indicator was visible in Ones.
  • Fixed an issue where the faceoff location after a net is knocked off the moorings was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Shot Block animations were playing incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Goalies can get push checked through the net while in Hug Post.
  • Fixed an issue where Nets were coming off the mooring too easily during gameplay.


Champions Hockey League - Added new rules for the tournament.

  • Minor penalties are dealt the same as a major penalty: a team which caused a minor penalty will remain shorthanded even if the opposing team score a goal
  • Serving delayed penalties: a minor penalty will be served even if a goal is scored while a delayed penalty is pending
  • Shorthanded goal erases current minor penalty: if a shorthanded team score, the minor penalty against will end


  • Added Regulation Wins to Standings
  • Added more chemistry links between X-Factors for abilities based in skating, shooting and puck skills
  • Increased impact of total player worth when running Head Coach Preferred Lines for all Coaches
  • Fixed an issue where CPU teams couldn't sign 2-way contracts when up against the salary cap, this change helps teams sign more contracts
  • Fixed an issue with CPU teams signing AHL potential players to entry level contracts in Free Agency and during the Re-Sign Phase, this change can prevent teams from signing more contracts and these changes end up canceling out, causing CPU teams to sign roughly the same number of players as before, however they will be signing players who have a better chance at developing
  • Fixed issue with the stats shown on the Conn Smythe trophy overlay
  • Fixed an issue where players without scouted X-Factors showed up in Player Search when filtering by players with X-Factors
  • Improved rookie signing logic so CPU teams can hold off on signing lower overall prospects who have potential until they develop
  • Improved CPU team logic so they sign low overall AHL potential players in free agency less frequently

Creation Zone

  • Removed invalid UI popup when creating a large number of players and teams
  • Added Chel branded NHL goalie equipment to offline creation zone
  • Music now ducks when previewing player audio emotes in Creation Zone
  • Various UI Fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to bypass NHL23-level player, goalie and team creation limits. 

Players will now be able to create:

  • 80 total teams
  • 1750 total skaters
  • 250 total goalies


  • Faceoff Hype Spotlights - Reduced brightness intensity. Animated logos no longer converge on ref's puck-dropping hand.
  • Goal Multiplier Banner now properly appears in broadcast flow in HUT Rush
  • Fix for the score clock displaying remaining time incorrectly
  • Improved authenticity of Detroit Red Wings goal horn
  • Improved authenticity of Buffalo Sabres goal horn - three blasts


  • Fix for incorrect reference to overtime in shootout mode
  • Fix for incorrect reference to "first goal" on goals scored in WoC drop-in
  • Improvement to Shot Block commentary flow
  • Fix for intro speech incorrectly referencing teams being from Western/Eastern conference teams

World of Chel

Matchmaking Update:

Community Feedback: When forming a Drop-in Team in WOC, users may have to wait the full matchmaking time looking for a User Goalie who may not be available.

  • Once a Drop-in Team has reached Max Skaters, the team will continue to search for a User Goalie for 5 seconds and then automatically begin searching for an opponent.

Club Info / Player Stats Drawer Update:

  • In preparation for EASHL Club Finals, we have restructured the way the Club Info / Player Stats Drawer appears in WOC modes. The info displayed will be relevant to the mode you are currently in, with the ability to toggle between Club Info and Skater/Goalie stats using the Right Stick.

Creation Zone Update in World of CHEL:

Community Feedback: The multiple presets within CZ is very confusing to users, many of which don’t even realize they have to customize Home and Away separately for Skater Casual and Pro as well as Goalie Causal and Pro

  • Consolidated the Home/Away/Alternate outfit Presets to a single button instead of a subscreen to make the switch between each simpler to understand. 

Edits from Character Appearance (inclusive of applying a special character), Details, Shot Style, and Skating Style will be copied between Home/Away/Alternate outfit presets, so the user doesn’t have to manually maintain these changes for consistency between them. We did leave everything else to be manually edited so a user could decide they may want a completely different clothing and equipment style between Home/Away for example.

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a user navigates to the customization screen from recent items after opening the World of Chel Starter bag
  • Fixed an issue where Player names are displayed as "EA PLAYER" throughout Leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue where the Ones/Threes Eliminator leaderboards were not displaying the rankings
  • Fixed an issue where push checks were leading to a lot of penalties around the net
  • Fixed an issue where rarely a goalie could get push checks through the net while in a standing hug post
  • Fixed an issue where the player avatar isn’t loading correct in the World of Chel Main Hub, or in Gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where the stats drawer was missing the player level and gamerpic
  • Fixed an issue where the glass would never break in the Carter Lake arena
  • Fixed an issue where the player banner backgrounds are squished during the starter bag open animation
  • Fixed an issue where the character and scene darken for a moment before loading into free skate
  • Fixed an issue where the score clock has the EASHL logo overlapping the team’s name in EASHL
  • Fixed an issue where special character would appear in the presets after editing multiple presets
  • Fixed an issue where the special characters do not reflect the current selected home or away presets
  • Fixed an issue where having a facemask equipped before equipping a special character will result in their mouths being closed
  • Fixed an issue where special characters would cause minor rendering issues on the ice
  • Fixed an issue where alternate Pro presets couldn’t select a special character
  • Fixed an issue where if you had a special character equipped on loadout slot 11 and reboot the game it would then show loadout slot 11 as locked
  • Fixed an issue where World of Chel store displays countdown timers as expired when quick resuming
  • Fixed an issue where non-actionable buttons were present when selecting certain items in the World of Chel store
  • Fixed an issue where the Home/Away options would stay on screen when purchasing a banner
  • Fixed an issue where the soundtrack was still playing when emotes were being previewed
  • Fixed an issue there equipping the Chel helmets would cause customizable helmets to read as non-editable
  • Fixed an issue where new branded gear is not sorted alphabetically in the customize tab
  • Fixed an issue where rarities are not present on default unlocks in the World of Chel creation zone
  • Fixed an issue where the helmet cage color wasn't locked/disabled if the user’s helmet did not support a cage
  • Fixed an issue where changing Club Identity or Captaincy sometimes caused crashes for club members
  • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to navigate to the club alternate jerseys in the post matchup dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where the user would crash when inviting another user to the club when the club was just created
  • Fixed an issue where a user was not presented with an error message when sending club invites to a user who has blocked communication set to on
  • Fixed an issue where the EASHL stats drawer was not tracking 3v3 and 6v6 stats separately
  • Fixed an issue where the condensed info drawer doesn’t show up in the EASHL 3v3/6v6 dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to search solo in quickplay 3v3 as a club
  • Fixed an issue where Away and Alternate fonts for club jerseys had extra color zones with no functionality
  • Fixed an issue where the user was able to open the select mode option overtop of match strategies in the clubs dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where Club Finals Drawer was appearing outside of the club finals dressing room if the if the user leaves their club while in a dressing room and creates another club
  • Fixed an issue where the club UI overlaps when user is in gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where the club finals champion message had text that was cut off on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where the correct club jersey was not being displayed in the dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where crowds are not wearing the home club colors
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the logo tile in stock branding took the user to a blank screen
  • Fixed an issue where the user was removed from the dressing room after a game if they selected the Battlepass unlocked items pop up
  • Fixed an issue where the XP token appeared squished if the user opened Battle Hub Rewards while on the Battlepass Tab
  • Fixed an issue where users would receive a debug text message when trying to use a Battlepass token after they had completed the current Battlepass
  • Fixed an issue where the locked icon appears in the wrong place for Battlepass items the user has not unlocked yet
  • Fixed an issue where the pause text was missing when a global xp token is active
  • Fixed an issue where the user would get softlocked in-between the state screen of Battlepass when timer hits zero
  • Fixed an issue where the premium Battlepass reward tiles were showing the incorrect color in the Tiers unlocked screen after returning to the World of Chel
  • Fixed an issue where the pre-order Battlepass XP multiplier tokens would temporarily disappear after completing the Battlepass
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar issue in the Battlepass tier rewards
  • Removed text that incorrectly showed a chapter completion reward in Pro-Am
  • Fixed an issue where the locked icon only showed in from of the Player XP reward and not the Battlepass XP reward for Pro-Am games
  • Fixed an issue where the Pro-Am reward icons were inconsistent sizes
  • Fixed an issue where reporting a user through EA Layer would cause an error saying, "content could not be reported."
  • Fixed an audio issue that would say it was a user’s first goal with this team in every drop-in game
  • Fixed an issue where the VOIP status icons were missing in the VOIP overlay during gameplay for World of Chel and Online Versus games
  • Fixed an issue where the VOIP icon triggers when a user is not talking instead of when they are talking
  • Fixed a text issue where the goalie save % was 3 decimal points
  • Fixed various missing assets & text in World of Chel
  • Fixed multiple debug text, wrong text, and wrong color text issues

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Removed fighting from HUT Moments
  • Fixed issue in HUT Moments where coins earned would not be granted until backing out to HUT Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue in HUT Rush where pack was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue in Trade Pile screen where backing out from Compare Price took you to the wrong screen.
  • Fixed issue where some Jersey images were not displayed at the correct proportions on items.
  • Fixed issue with ability to edit extra attackers and shootout lineup.
  • Various UI fixes.


The following uniforms have been added or updated in NHL 24


  • Calgary Flames - Away and Heritage Classic
  • Carolina Hurricanes - Home, Away and Third
  • Edmonton Oilers - Heritage Classic
  • Florida Panthers - Home
  • Los Angeles Kings - Home
  • Nashville Predators - Home and Away
  • Ottawa Senators - Home
  • Pittsburgh Penguins - Away
  • Toronto Maple Leafs - Home, Away and Third


  • Bakersfield Condors - Third


  • Adirondack Thunder - Home and Away
  • Allen Americans - Home and Away
  • Florida Everblades - Home and Away
  • Greenville Swamp Rabbits - Home and Away
  • Idaho Steelheads - Home and Away
  • Kalamazoo Wings - Home and Away
  • Norfolk Admirals - Home and Away
  • Rapid City Rush - Home and Away
  • Worcester Railers - Home and Away
  • Canadian Hockey League
  • Brandon Wheat Kings - Third
  • Lethbridge Hurricanes - Third


  • Lahden Pelicans - Home and Away
  • Tappara Tampere - Home and Away


  • Frolunda HC - Home and Away
  • Linkoping HC - Home and Away
  • Modo Hockey - Home and Away
  • Rogle BK - Home and Away
  • Skelleftea AIK - Home and Away

NHL 24 Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes - October 24, 2023

Here are the full NHL 24 Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes:


Hybrid Controls Update:

Community Feedback: The removal of HYBRID control options has made the game difficult to play for users who require the ability to perform core actions on the Face Buttons of the controller. 

  • HYBRID controls have been re-introduced as an option in the Control Settings menu.
  • HYBRID controls allow users to use the Face Buttons to perform core actions like Shoot, Pass, and Hit.
  • HYBRID controls utilize the same controller mapping as NHL23 with some modification in order to support core gameplay changes to Protect Puck and Reverse Hit.

Goalie Controls Update:

Community Feedback: Veteran User Goalies felt that the Tether control system was too limiting and wanted the ability to control the Goalie similar to NHL23. Additionally, the removal of Alternate Controls and forcing automatic Hug-Post removed other aspects of controls that veteran User Goalies were accustomed to. 

User Goalie Controls Settings have been expanded in the CONTROL SETTINGS menu.

Goalie Controls can be set between DEFAULT or ALTERNATE

  • DEFAULT = Original control layout
  • ALTERNATE = Swaps the placement of Butterfly, Hug Post, Instincts. (NHL23)

Goalie Tether can be set to ON / OFF / HYBRID. 

  • ON = Tether remains the same as launch.
  • OFF = Tether is disabled.
  • HYBRID = Tether is disabled while in Butterfly

Hug Post can be set to AUTO / MANUAL

  • AUTO = Aiming LS towards the posts will auto enter Hug Post.
  • MANUAL = User must hold Manual Hug Post button while aiming LS towards the post to enter Hug Post.

Goalie Fatigue System:

Community Feedback: A goalie who performs a Desperation Dive can stay on their side for too long, making the goalie feel less reactive to the situation.

  • When in an urgent situation, Goalies will now transition from Desperation Side poses back to Sitting Pose, and then from sitting, they may get back into Butterfly or Set. 
  • This helps create more urgency for the Goalie while allowing them to make future desperation saves from sitting or recover quicker back to a Butterfly or Set.

Stick Lift Update:

Community Feedback: Defensive players who perform a Stick Lift have a high chance of taking a penalty.

  • Stick Lift targeting has been updated to target a lower location on the opposing players stick, which reduces the chances of taking a penalty.

General Bug Fixes:

Community Feedback: The community has helped identify some core bugs that impact the gameplay experience. 

  • Vision Passing icons now appear while in a Backhand/Forehand Stickhandling state.
  • Fixed a rare bug which could lead to a User Goalie spinning on the spot when moving.
  • Fixed a rare physics bug that could result in game desync.


  • Fixed an issue where the credits for the song "Do It Faster" were incorrectly displayed.

World of Chel

  • Resolved a bug where the Ones/Threes Eliminator leaderboards were not properly displaying rankings.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when transitioning from the "Thank You for pre-ordering EA Sports NHL 24" screen in the Player Rewards Screen in WoC back to the Customize Tab.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred when equipping an emblem and then discarding changes in the World of Chel Creation Zone.
  • Addressed a bug where rapidly scrolling back and forth in the Battle pass would cause the instant reward tile framing to break.
  • Resolved an issue where special character boosts were not displayed in the attribute chart when users were in the dressing room.
  • Resolved an issue where users were not brought to the post-matchup dressing room when using 1v1 matchmaking.
  • Fixed a bug where drop-in goalies who quit out of a game were not replaced with AI characters.

Creation Zone

  • Addressed game crash that occurred when setting up Logos and Branding while in "Create Expansion Team" and "Create Team".
  • Improved the scroll speed in the 'Player Details' menu of the Creation Zone from the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a Defensemen in Offline Creation Zone and leaving their Player Class as Defensive Defenseman would cause the incorrect class to be displayed once the player was created.
  • Resolved an issue where the goalie glove/trapper geometry was warped and clipping when re-coloring.


Updated the following teams center ice art


  • Boston Bruins
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Calgary Flames
  • Dallas Stars
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Florida Panthers
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Winnipeg Jets


  • Colorado Eagles
  • Henderson Silver Knights



  • Minnesota Wild - Alternate


  • Bakersfield Condors - Third


  • Reading Royals - Third
  • Toledo Walleye - Home, Away, Third and Fourth
  • Wheeling Nailers - Home and Away
  • Wichita Thunder - Home and Away


  • BEMER Pioneer Vorarlberg - Home and Away
  • EC IDM Warmepumpen VSV - Home and Away
  • EC-KAC - Home and Away
  • EC Red Bull Salzburg - Home and Away
  • HCB Sudtirol Alperia - Home and Away
  • HC Pustertal Wolfe - Home and Away
  • HC TWK Innsbruck - Home and Away
  • HK SZ Olimpija Ljubljana - Home and Away
  • Hydro Fehervar AV 19 - Home and Away
  • Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey - Home and Away
  • Moser Medical Graz 99ers - Home and Away
  • SPUSU Vienna Capitals - Home and Away
  • Steinbach Black Wings Linz - Home and Away


  • Jukurit Mikkelin - Home and Away
  • JYP - Home and Away
  • Porin Assat - Home and Away
  • TPS Turku - Home and Away


  • Farjestad BK - Home and Away
  • HV71 - Home, Away and Third
  • IK Oskarshamn - Home and Away
  • Leksands IF - Home and Away

NHL 24 Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes - October 6, 2023

Here are the full NHL 24 Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes:


  • Puck Possession Tuned Down 30% - We have lowered the impact that possessing the puck has in the offensive zone with regards to building sustained pressure. The value of possessing the puck has been lowered by 30%. Shots on net and big hits in the offensive zone are now strengthened as the best way to build sustained pressure.
    • Note: This change was planned to be reflected in a previous patch but had been delayed until Patch 1.1.0


  • Fixed a crash that happened when a generated player born after 2008 was edited.
  • Fixed an issue where a non-functional button would be displayed when a user tried to hire staff during the offseason

Be A Pro

  • Fixed a rare crash when on a loading screen going into gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where smoke effects could be seen during a coach conversation after losing a game in overtime.

World of Chel

  • Fixed a rare crash when customizing your casual player
  • Fixed an issue where user would sometimes lose the ability to back out of the World of CHEL Store.
  • Fixed an issue where in Ones Eliminator the mute functionality was not present in the post-game menu screens
  • Fixed an issue where if a user goalie quit during a drop in match the game would end for all players
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if a user created a club and then entered free skate prior to Club Creation Zone appearing
  • Fixed a crash when entering into Club Customization or Dressing Room screens
  • Fixed an issue where some drop-in users weren't able to match up in World of CHEL

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Fixed a crash that would happen when selecting Squad Battle Teams
  • Fixed a rare crash that would happen at the end of HUT Rush games


  • Fixed an issue when reporting players for a terrorist threat you would be taken to the main menu. The game will now report the player properly

NHL 24 Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes - October 3, 2023

Here the NHL 24 Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes with tuning details for several gameplay adjustments made ahead of Early Access:

Sustained Pressure System Tuning

  • Decay Rate of Pressure Meter Increased by 100% - The new tuning sees the meter decay faster once the puck is cleared outside of the defensive zone by the defending team.  This creates a more authentic feel to sustained pressure as the offensive team must keep a consistent attack in the offensive zone in order to activate full pressure. Previously the offensive team could attack, leave the zone and then re-attack to slowly build the meter which ultimately did not feel authentic to the sport. Full pressure as a result will be slightly tougher to trigger during each period of play.

Goalie Fatigue System

  • Goalies Recover When Puck Exits Defensive Zone - Previously goalies would only regenerate their energy during active play when the puck crossed over the opposing team’s blueline. This resulted in the goalie remaining tired for too long and throwing too many desperation saves.  We have changed this to now by having goalies start to recover immediately when the puck exits the defensive zone. This means more peaks and valleys with goalie fatigue rather than consistent fatigued states.
  • Fatigue Meter Always Visible - To create better overall understanding of the state of the goalie’s fatigue during gameplay the respective fatigue meter will be visible at all times. This will enable players to attack and defend better based on always knowing the relevant state of the goalie’s fatigue level. 
  • Goalie Attributes Have Increased Impact on Drain & Recovery - We have increased the impact that a goalie’s respective attributes have on both energy drain and recovery. This means breaking down a higher rated goalie will be more difficult as compared to a lower rated goalie as they will recover energy faster and fatigue slower.
  • Goalies More Stable When Rested - Goalies have been tuned to be more stable and positional when above 50% energy.  This means that you will see fewer desperation saves overall when a goalie is in what is deemed a reasonable rested state.

Physics Based Contact

  • Big Checks Deal Slightly More Stamina Damage -  Any big checks that are landed during gameplay will add more stamina damage to the target player and bringing into play the longer recovery get up states.. 
  • Player Size Carries More Impact on Reverse Hit Outcomes - Player size now factors more predominantly into the reverse hits that connect during a game.  Smaller players will be far less likely to run through a larger player due to a size mismatch whereas a larger player will be far more likely to run over a smaller player. 
  • Performing A Reverse Hit Results In Some Slowdown - We have added a small slowdown event that occurs when any reverse hit is thrown during gameplay to provide more balance to the mechanic. This will address the issue where a player can reverse hit a defender and then continue at full speed up the ice.
  • Hip Checks in Low Speed Situations - The relative speed of both the puck carrier and defensive player throwing the hip check will now be taken into consideration in these game situations resulting in less dramatic hip checks during slower pace of play moments.

Global Lacrosse Deke Tuning 

  • Lacrosse Deke (The Michigan) Effectiveness Tied to Deke Ability - In an effort to help control the impact of the lacrosse deke on the overall game experience we have connected it to a player’s deking attribute. The tuning change results in the speed of the deke being impacted.  A lower deke attribute will result in the animation taking longer to execute and a higher attribute will result in a faster execution of the deke. This applies globally no matter which controller setting you are playing on. 

X-Factor Tuning

  • Close Quarters - This X-factor has had the following tuning to make it more balanced for competitive play.
    • Reduced the distance required to activate Close Quarters from 30 to 20 feet
    • Reduced the accuracy bonus of Close Quarters by 50%
    • Reduced the accuracy bonus of Close Quarters Superstar Ability by 75%

Human Goalies Tuning

  • Increased Tether Distance - A human goalie using the new Tether Controls now has an expanded area to move within this control set. We have increased the movement range from 3 feet to 5 feet allowing for more ability to cut down angles and overall freedom of movement. 
  • Increased Goalie Instinct Boost When Correct - When a human goalie guesses the shot target correctly after engaging the Instinct System, they will receive a higher boost to their respective save probability. 
  • Removed Goalie Instinct Penalty When Incorrect - The penalty applied to a human goalie when they guess incorrectly within the Instinct System has been removed.  Any incorrect guess will not carry any additional impact on the save scenario.
  • Reduced Fatigue Impact on Human Goalies - Given how human goalies will potentially make more adjustments in game as compared to AI goalies, we have slightly softened the over fatigue impact on human goalies.


  • Reverted Speed Loss to NHL 23 Tuning - We have tuned back the speed loss that was added during production back to the same tuning that was shipped in NHL 23. 

General Gameplay Tuning

  • Nets Being Knocked Off Less - We have tuned down how often nets are knocked off the moorings to have it happen less frequently. 
  • Glass Breaking - We have tuned down how often the glass will break so that it happens less frequently.

That's everything you need to know about all the latest NHL 24 updates. As each official set of NHL 24 patch notes is released, we'll keep things updated here so you can see how the game has changed since the NHL 24 release date.