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NHL 24: How to Hit, Hip Check, and Board Pin

Become a true enforcer by learning how to hit, hip check, and body check in NHL 24.
NHL 24: How to Hit, Hip Check, and Board Pin

As exciting as scoring can be, knowing how to hit in NHL 24 might be even more critical. Whether you prefer to focus on a well-timed hip check or just body check someone into oblivion, learning how to hit in NHL 24 will amplify every aspect of your gameplay.

Thanks to a few critical new features and some gameplay changes, hitting in NHL 24 has continued to evolve. We'll break down all the NHL 24 controls to make sure you're making contact during each critical moment.

How to Hit in NHL 24

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First up, it's important to clarify that there are different hitting controls in NHL 24 depending on which control scheme you're using. You should definitely start with the new Total Control settings, but we have details on how Hip Checks differ for Skill Stick users below.

The new NHL 24 Total Control scheme aims to simplify some of the more complex maneuvers in the game, and for defense that means choosing which kind of hit or check you want to make in the game. Even if you're mostly an offensive player, knowing how to nail a well-timed check can create a critical scoring opportunity when the moment arises.

For the most basic moments, try using a simple Push Check by moving the Right Stick up. This is the lowest risk maneuver if you miss, but you will still lose some speed and balance. Unfortunately, it's also the lowest impact should you make contact.

How to Hip Check, Shoulder Check, and Board Pin in NHL 24

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If you want the slap shot equivalent on defense, you'll want to focus on making a Shoulder Check. For this, be careful to make sure you're lined up and then press the Right Stick down and back up to deliver a powerful hit. If they miss, Shoulder Checks could leave you temporarily off balance for a few moments.

For a more skill based type of hit, go with a Hip Check by holding X on Xbox or holding Square on PlayStation. While adjustments and tuning could be made down the line, Hip Checks are already emerging as a powerful weapon in NHL 24. For players using Skill Stick, press the Right Stick and LB on Xbox or R3 and L1 on PlayStation to deliver a Hip Check.

Finally, if you want to slow things down you can try pinning your opponent against the glass. Press and hold Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation in order to do a Board Pin. This is mostly a maneuver for defensive players, but knowing how to deliver every hit in NHL 24 will make any player more powerful.