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NHL 24 Release Date, Early Access, and New Features

Get ready to hit the ice when the NHL 24 release date arrives or score Early Access if you just can't wait.
NHL 24 Release Date, Early Access, and New Features
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It's almost time for players to hit the virtual ice for another year of hockey action, and the NHL 24 release date is quickly closing in. For players looking to dive in at the earliest release time possible, there's also the option to snag Early Access this year for a three-day head start.

Longtime and returning players should be excited for the NHL 24 release date to arrive, as some major new features and upgrades are in store for gamers this year. Several new gameplay engines have revamped things on every level, and that includes the long-requested ability to check players into the bench and break the glass.

NHL 24 Release Date and Time

NHL 24 Release Date Time

As they've done for several years, October is once again bout to be hockey month as the NHL 24 release date has been confirmed for October 6, 2023. Just like previous years, this is set to line up with the start of the 2023 to 2024 NHL season.

Players will be able to dive into NHL 24 on the release date and get a feel for what their favorite team might be capable of this season ahead of the regular season tripleheader kicking things off on October 10, 2023. Fortunately, you can get that true hockey feel early in NHL 24, as major presentation updates this year push the accuracy and immersion up a notch once again.

Players can purchase the NHL 24 Standard Edition for $59.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 or for $69.99 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S to play when worldwide launch happens on the October 6 release date. If you just can't wait, there's good news as Early Access is available this year.

How to get Early Access with NHL 24 X-Factor Edition

NHL 24 Early Access

If you want to hit the ice early, either because it works well with your schedule or to get your grind on as soon as possible, the NHL 24 X-Factor Edition is the way to go. For $99.99, you can purchase the NHL 24 X-Factor Edition and score three days worth of Early Access that will make your NHL 24 release date shift ahead to October 3, 2023.

Fortunately, you won't be shelling out that extra money only for the early start. The NHL 24 X-Factor Edition includes the game on both past and new gen consoles, so you'll get it on PS4 and PS5 or on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This is particularly helpful if you're looking to upgrade consoles after launch, but players with external drives who want to save space also have the option of using the past gen versions on their new gen console and still being able to launch from an external that isn't a solid state drive.

Players will also get bonus rewards including: one HUT Team Building Player Choice Pack, an Exclusive Cale Makar Player Item, one HUT Power Up Icon Choice Pack, five WOC Battle Pass XP Modifiers, and 4600 NHL Points to kick off the year. If you want to really dive into Chel or any of the modes with a leg up, getting Early Access with the NHL 24 X-Factor Edition is a must.

New Features and Gameplay Upgrades

NHL 24 New Features

If you're on the fence about this year's game, the new features on deck might be enough to convince you. While gameplay was solid in NHL 23, major upgrades this year are ramping everything up across the game.

The new Exhaust Engine paired with a Sustained Pressure System and Goalie Fatigue System come together to make the NHL 24 gameplay more dynamic and strategic than ever before. They've added over 50 new goalie animations and a desperation save package of animations, but perhaps the most exciting upgrade is in pure contact.

New physics based contact will allow a whole new feel for impact animations, and that includes the freshly added ability to check players into the bench and break the glass just like real NHL games. Additional features like Vision Passing, Total Control Skill Moves, and adjusted goalie have the potential to make NHL 24 the best hockey game in years.