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Palia Roadmap Details New Features, Quest Content & More

We'll be taking an in-depth look at the roadmap, including new content, features, improvements, and more arriving to Palia in 2023 and beyond.
Palia Roadmap Details New Features, Quest Content & More

We're fast approaching the start of the Closed Beta testing for Singularity 6's cozy MMO, which is exclusively available on PC. During this period, players will explore the magical world of Kilima Village, meet the cast of unique characters, and unearth the mysterious lore and foreboding secrets tucked away in this gorgeous environment.

The game's developer has detailed their content roadmap for this year, which lists all the new content, features, improvements, and more that we can expect to arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch. That being said, let's look at the official roadmap for this cozy MMO, Palia, coming soon in 2023.

Palia Roadmap & New Features

Game Director Aidan Karabaich outlined in a recent developer letter what's on the horizon for Palia days before the Closed Beta on PC started. While some of the forthcoming content has yet to be built for Palia, they're not ready to unveil them, especially given that other content is in development.

Karabaich has stated that they plan to include new content, features, and more for every patch they'll release for Palia. As many of these features are planned to launch in 2023, there are additional content and features that more players can anticipate, including the Nintendo Switch port, more Quality of Life (QoL) improvements, and themed events.

Palia Quest & Story Content

One of the biggest additions in the Palia Roadmap is new quest and story content that will expand the game and your character's lore. Singularity 6 plans to launch new quests and engaging storylines for players to explore sometime this year, which may also enhance your interactions with fellow Villagers.

There is also the potential that they may expand the storylines of romanceable characters, which should make these interactions more personal and exciting. Speaking of Villagers, new characters will make Kilima Village their new home for you to welcome and get acquainted with.

palia roadmap guide new storyline quest content ashura ormuus horn inn tutorial quest
There will be new Villagers and more friendship options coming soon to Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

This, in turn, will see new friendships made with the possibility of new romanceable options being made available to players. Nevertheless, details on what these new quests and storylines will be have yet to be confirmed by the developer, and we'll update this page to reflect the latest news and updates.

Palia Accessibility Options

As previously explained, Palia will have some accessibility options for the Closed and Open Beta on PC. However, the biggest option currently missing is full controller support which will see players utilizing the keyboard and mouse momentarily.

With controller support as one of the most requested accessibility options across PC games, Singularity 6 has revealed that full controller support will arrive at Palia. While it's not specified, we could see a multitude of controllers, including PlayStation 5's DualSense and Xbox's Wireless Controllers, along with additional peripherals being made compatible with the game.

Palia Character Customization Options, Decor & Furniture

palia roadmap guide new decor furniture items recipes general store furniture making skill
Design and decorate with inspiration as more decor and furniture items will be added to Palia this year. (Picture: Singularity 6)

As the developer commented during the Gameplay First Look livestream in June 2023, Palia will receive more customization options to make the entire system more robust and diverse. Some of these will include more clothing items, costumes, hairstyles, body types, and more to deepen the customization feature in-game.

Similarly, the developer will add more decor and furniture options; however, nothing specific could be confirmed. This will likely be new decor and furniture items made available for players to buy from the General Store, acquired from Skill Mentors, or have the recipes available in similar methods.

This may see more players interested in mastering the Furniture Making skill, which you'll have Tish, the local carpenter, as the Skill Master. Learn under her tutelage, and if you wish, you can pursue a budding friendship that could spark a romantic interest with her.