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How To Unlock Program Ultra in The Outlast Trials

Here's how to unlock Program Ultra in The Outlast Trials.
How To Unlock Program Ultra in The Outlast Trials
(Picture: Red Barrels)

The Outlast Trials presents players with numerous trials that get increasingly challenging as you progress. The hardest trials available in the game are in Program Ultra. Just to access this extremely difficult program, you'll need to prove yourself and showcase your ability in earlier and easier trials. So here's everything you need to know about Program Ultra in The Outlast Trials.

What Is Program Ultra?

Program Ultra is the most difficult trial available in The Outlast Trials, and was added in the game's v1.0 update. Due to its levels of challenge, it is also known as the "Path to Hell" or "Extreme Therapy", which Red Barrels describes as "Hard to Very Hard" difficulty.

The game's description for the program reads, "Ultra is an extreme endurance program designed to test mental anomalies in the face of near-certain lethality." If that sounds a little daunting, that's because it is; even for players who know what they're doing, Program Ultra is designed to put up a real challenge. So you'll need lots of experience, and a relatively high Therapy Level, before trying out Program Ultra.

Program Ultra Trials & Challenges

At the time of writing, Program Ultra consists of 2 Trials and 4 MK Challenges, listed below:

  • Grind the Bad Apples (Trial)
  • Sabotage the Lockdown (MK Challenge)
  • Feed the Children (MK Challenge)
  • Crush the Sex Toys (MK Challenge)
  • Release the Prisoners (MK Challenge)
  • Pervert the Futterman (Trial)
the outlast trials program ultra
You need to release three Reagents to unlock Program Ultra.

How To Unlock Program Ultra In The Outlast Trials

To unlock Program Ultra players need to be Reborn three times; so basically you need to complete the game three times.

First players need to unlock Program X, which requires players to earn 20 Release Tokens and completing the Release Protocol to be reborn.

Since you earn unlock a new ending each of the first three times you're Reborn, it's worth doing regardless just to see all endings in The Outlast Trials.

After the third and final ending, you'll gain access to Program Ultra.

Program Ultra Recommended Level

You're not required to be any certain level to play Program Ultra, although the game does recommend that it's a good idea to have a Therapy Level of 40 or higher before trying this extreme game mode. We also recommend you play with friends due to its extreme difficulty level.