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Outriders: Will there be microtransactions at launch?

Microtransactions can single-handedly kill a game upon arrival.
Outriders: Will there be microtransactions at launch?

Whenever an RPG releases in today’s world, the biggest question some fans have is about microtransactions. The same rings true with Outriders, as developer Square Enix has been bombarded with inquiries about their plans surrounding the potentially unpopular feature.

Microtransactions are essentially in-game purchases that can affect any game to a small or large degree. In more recent years, developers have mainly stuck to cosmetic-only microtransactions but there are some games that have taken things to a “pay-to-win level". 

Games such as Marvel’s Avengers (also developed by Square Enix), Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and more have been heavily criticized for the sheer volume of microtransactions in the game at launch. Fans feel that developers don’t actually release a full game, but still charge $60, requiring fans to purchase the rest of the content for additional money. 

Outrider microtransactionsMarvel’s Avengers was highly criticized for its microtransactions. (Picture: Square Enix)

Luckily for fans or potential players of Outriders, Square Enix will not feature any kind of microtransaction at launch or after. The stance on this subject is very clear from the developers’ point of view, as they’ve stated the game is complete once you pay the initial $60. The devs call Outriders a “complete game out of the box,” meaning you can earn or unlock every piece of content on offer through simple playtime. 

This is great news for fans of the game and the industry as a whole. Since the practice of microtransactions was introduced, video game fans have largely despised the predatory nature of the feature. There have been several lawsuits against more egregious in-game purchases such as loot boxes and some countries have outlawed them completely

Still, as recently as 2020, developers continue to implement microtransactions into their games. Some of the implementations make sense, like in multiplayer games with cosmetic-only items, but RPGs like Marvel’s Avengers take it a step too far.

outriders microtransactions
Outriders releases on 1st April. (Picture: Square Enix)

Fortunately for Outriders fans, you’ll get a full experience once you purchase the game and won’t have to spend any additional money to unlock expected content. Obviously, Square Enix has learned from their mistakes with Marvel’s Avengers, which is a positive sign.