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How Does Role Queue Work In Overwatch 2 - Unlock Guide

If you want to be able to play specific roles in Overwatch 2, you will need to know how to unlock Role Queue.
How Does Role Queue Work In Overwatch 2 - Unlock Guide

Despite Overwatch 2 having launch issues, there are players all over the world getting into role queues to play the game. When the original Overwatch launched role queue, it was a game changer.

With new heroes like Junker Queen to try out, players will need to jump into the tank queue to even get a chance to play as her. Unlocking Role Queues and understanding them is easier than you expect.

Unlocking And Understanding Role Queue In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Support Role Queue Kiriko
Players should get in the support role queue if they want to play as the new character Kiriko. (Picture: Blizzard)

As you might have guessed, role queue in Overwatch 2 allows you to queue up for a certain role in the game. The characters in the game are divided into three roles. The roles are Tank, Attacker, and Support heroes. If you want a team that is as balanced as possible, jumping into a role queue is the way to go.

So if you want to play as Junker Queen, you need to queue up for the Tank role. But doing so will lock you out of playing as Kiriko, a support hero for that game. This is to make sure the team is as balanced as possible for games.

There is also the "any role" option that you can queue for in role queues. Any role queue will put you in a position that fills a squad's need. Because of that, any role queue is the fastest way to get into a game.

Players who have never played Overwatch 1 before will not be able to jump into a role queue from the get-go. This is a feature that needs to be unlocked first.

Overwatch 2 Role Queue Unlock
Players will need to play at least 5 games before they can unlock role queue. (Picture: Blizzard/Twitter User dashiellwood)

All things considered, it is not that difficult to unlock role queues in Overwatch 2. To unlock role queue, all you need to do is play 5 open queue games. Once you have accomplished that, you are allowed to play role queue games.

The reason for that is Blizzard says that new players are often overwhelmed with the number of options that they offer in Overwatch. So to ease them in, they created the First Time User Experience (FTUE) to ease new players into Overwatch 2.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.