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Overwatch 2 Reaper Guide - Tips, Abilities, Counters & More

With Overwatch 2 out, now is the best time to learn how to use Reaper and master all of the abilities that come with him.
Overwatch 2 Reaper Guide - Tips, Abilities, Counters & More

If you are jumping into competitive games in Overwatch 2, learning about the characters you might be going up against and the characters you might use could be helpful. Knowing what you are doing and what you are going up against is important in Overwatch 2.

If you are not wanting to tank with Junker Queen or heal using Mercy, you should consider the damage dealer Reaper. A good Reaper has the potential to turn the tides of a game with a good flank.

How To Use Reaper's Abilities And How To Counter Them

Overwatch 2 Reaper Winston
At this range, Reaper would be highly ineffective against the Winston and his shield. (Picture: Blizzard)

The first thing to note is Reaper's guns. He has the Hellfire Shotguns, two short-range shotguns that spread pellets at an enemy. What is important to note is that Reaper is most effective at short range. These shotguns coupled with his abilities make Reaper great at 1v1 situations.

Let us take a look at Reaper's abilities:

  • Damage Passive - Damage heroes gain a 25% increased reload and movement speed for 2.5 seconds after an elimination.
  • The Reaping (Passive) - Dealing damage with Reaper heals you.
  • Shadow Step (Active) - Reaper teleports to a targeted location.
  • Wraith Form (Active) - Reaper moves faster and becomes invulnerable but cannot shoot in this form.
  • Death Blossom (Ultimate) - Reaper deals massive damage in a circle around him.

The key to Reaper is to flank often and take enemies by surprise. Using Shadow Step allows you to teleport to a new location to position yourself in the best way to take down unsuspecting opponents.

This is especially effective against support characters like Zenyatta who is often in the backline. If you can get in a good enough position, Reaper can even single-handedly take down tanks like Reinhardt thanks to The Reaping which heals him for dealing damage.

If you find yourself in a bad spot, using Wraith Form can get you out of a sticky situation. So do not be afraid to use it if you find yourself being attacked from all sides.

Overwatch 2 Reaper
A good flank with the Death Blossom ultimate could help you wipe an entire team with Reaper. (Picture: Blizzard)

Reaper has one of the most iconic ultimates in Overwatch. Not only does the AOE attack deal massive damage, but hits with it will also still heal you thanks to The Reaping passive.

So if you reposition above a group of enemies with shadow step, and then use your Death Blossom ultimate, there is a good chance you can wipe the entire enemy team if they do not notice you fast enough.

That being said, heroes with a longer range like Ashe, Orisa, and Soldier: 76 can take out Reaper before he even gets the chance to come close. Quick-moving characters like Genji or Lucio can easily counter Reaper as well.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.