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Ex Vancouver Titans player Fissure claims org owes him money over early termination of contract

The main tank stated his desire to continue with Vancouver Titans while explaining that he can talk about his team at the org because he refused to sign an NDA.
Ex Vancouver Titans player Fissure claims org owes him money over early termination of contract

The complete implosion of the Vancouver Titans, the Overwatch League Season 2 runner-ups, has been well documented over the last few months, yet it seems more information has started to surface.

Soon after they dropped their all-Korean roster in favour of western talent, details began to crawl up about the real situation the former RunAway talent was being subjected to, including the null help they received while adapting to life outside South Korea.

Now, as things appeared to be winding down with several players finding new homes elsewhere in OWL (Hyojong "Haksal" Kim joining NYXL, Sung-jun "SLIME" Kim going to Seoul Dynasty, Jooseok "Twilight" Lee picked up by San Francisco Shock, and both Hyeon-Woo "JJANU" Choi and Chung-hee "Stitch" being obtained by Washington Justice), former main tank Chan-hyung "Fissure" Baek broke the silence, explaining how Vancouver failed to honour his contract.


Fissure spoke of his disappointment at not being able to continue playing with the Vancouver Titans. (Picture: Overwatch League)


During Fissure's latest stream where he reviewed the Titans most recent match against Toronto Defiant, he accused the franchise's management team of owing him money for the early termination of his contract.



According to a translation provided by Twitter user Peppermint Tea, the 21-year-old wanted to finish his contracted last season with the org, before retiring with Fissure claiming he was willing to player with an English speaking roster.



"I was prepared to learn English in the chance they brought on an English speaking roster, but they just released me forcibly. OWL rules state that if the org closes a contract prematurely, they must pay out the contract in full upon release. There was supposed to be player protection because of something like this, but there wasn't."


Fissure leaves Vancouver Titans Los Angeles Gladiators
Fissure has experience with an English speaking roster from his time with the Los Angeles Gladiators (Picture: Overwatch League)


After his stream chat questioned Fissure about any legal issues for revealing this information, however, the pro stated that unlike his teammates, he had refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would have prevented him from speaking up about the disastrous end of Vancouver's Korean roster.



“I told them to release me with no mutual agreement, because that way, there is no NDA. I didn’t say anything at first because I didn't want to get sucked back into this.”

Fissure has built a controversial reputation around himself. As talented as he is, he's known for ditching teams during playoff runs, like with the LA Gladiators, and even leaking sensitive information soon after his retirement in 2019 a move that earned him a fine from Blizzard.

The money the former Seoul Dynasty, Gladiators, and London Spitfire player would have received for the NDA was something in the ballpark of $7500, a laughable amount for one of the most sought after players in OWL. Fissure's response was, to put it lightly, very blunt.

"I told them they can f*uck right off. Why would I sign for that sum? I can even say more. If I revealed everything, these guys would get buried alive. Everything I said today doesn't amount to 10% of what they did."

As the drama begins to resurface, the newly revamped Vancouver roster is set to play Toronto Defiant this next June 14th at 10 pm GMT.