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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete A Look To Dye For Quest

Unable to complete work on a garment, Jel requests you to collect a handful of shells in Bahari Bay for A look to Dye For quest in Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete A Look To Dye For Quest

After players have been introduced to the local tailor, Jel, at his tailor store in Kilima Village, he sets off to work on a masterpiece that will “take Bahari by storm.” As he twiddles away, working on his design, when touching base with Jel, he appears distressed.

Following some interactive dialogue between your character and Jel leads you into the next quest for Jel, which involves using the Foraging skill. Before setting off for Bahari Bay, learn more about A Look to Dye For quest, including its objectives to complete in Palia.

Palia A Look To Dye For Quest Objective List

palia quests guide a look to dye for quest objectives return to jel tailor
Converse with Jel, in which he'll hand you the next quest, A Look to Dye For. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The subsequent quest in Jel’s questline will continue your explorations into the fashion world by helping Jel complete a task for a design he’s working on. However, he is unable to finish it as he doesn’t have the dye needed; your objective is to collect the materials Jel needs, and we’ve listed the quest objectives for A Look to Dye For below:

  1. Shells (5)
  2. Return to Jel

How To Complete A Look To Dye For Quest In Palia?

After meeting with Jel and completing Jel’s Style Tips quest, you can further your Friendship and learn more about the art of tailoring in his subsequent quest, A Look to Dye For. For this quest, Jel appears to be in anguish as he’s unable to complete a design as he doesn’t have the dye to finish it.

palia quests guide a look to dye for quest objectives shells bahari bay
Jel will task you in finding and collecting Shells on the beaches of Bahari Bay to help him make dyes. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

He will ask you to help him obtain materials so that he may be able to use them in creating dyes and finishing his design. As such, you’ll need to get five Shells; finding them is slightly tricky to achieve but impossible to track down.

Head over to Bahari Bay and locate the beaches where in shallow waters, you can find various forageable items like Unopened Oysters, Coral, and, most importantly, Shells. Keep moving along the beachfront collecting Shells; once you have enough, head back to Jel and hand him the Shells collected to complete the quest.

It’s worth noting that Shells are a Weekly Want gift request from Caleri, the head librarian, so it’s worth hanging onto them should she request it. Additionally, they can also be requested by online players who may need them to complete this specific quest for Palia.