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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Jel's Style Tips Quest

Unleash your inner fashionista as the local tailor, Jel, guides you into finding something new and stylish to wear in Jel’s Style Tips quest in Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Jel's Style Tips Quest

Character customization lets players create and style their character with plenty of freedom and unique options available in Palia. After accessing it before starting your gameplay in-game, there hasn’t been a way yet to change your character’s appearance, but this changes after meeting Jel.

Get introduced to the fashion world through Jel’s questline, starting with Jel’s Style Tips which he’ll help you find something new to wear. We’ve opened up the wardrobe to help you learn how to complete Jel’s Style Tips quest in Palia.

Palia Jel’s Style Tips Quest Objective List

palia quests guide jels style tips quest objectives return to jel tailor store kilima village
Head to the Tailor store and meet with Jel to receive the Jel's Style Tips quest from the tailor. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Jel is the local tailor that runs the tailor store located nearby Ormuu’s Horn Inn, and you can receive this quest after introducing yourself to him. After spending some time chatting with him, you’ll be given a series of objectives to complete, which will open the doors to the world of fashion in Kilima Village, which we’ve detailed below:

  1. Use a wardrobe on your plot
  2. Visit the cash register in Jel’s shop
  3. Return to Jel

How To Complete The Jel’s Style Tips In Palia?

After meeting Jel for the first time in Kilima Village, he’ll introduce you to the fashion world through the customization feature and the Premium Store available in Palia. Before gaining access to the Premium Store, he’ll ask you to utilize a wardrobe which, if you have yet to craft one, you can gain the recipe for the Log Cabin Wardrobe in two ways.

The first is by purchasing the recipe from Tish at her Furniture store for 270 Gold, and the second is through Inspiration. The latter can be triggered when crafting furniture and decor items from the Log Cabin series, for which you can choose between one of three items to unlock, and if a wardrobe appears in the Inspiration bubble, you’ll gain the recipe for free.

palia quests guide jels style tips how to complete inspiration furniture making log cabin wardrobe
When crafting furniture and decor items from a specific set, you'll gain Inspiration for another item which you can receive a recipe for the item selected. (Picture: Singularity 6)

To craft the Log Cabin Wardrobe, you’ll need 45 Sapwood logs, and you can place them anywhere on your housing plot or inside your home. You can interact with the wardrobe where you’ll enter the customization menu, and you need to change your character’s appearance to check off this objective.

Return to Jel’s Tailor store, where you must interact with the cash register, and you’ll have access to the Premium Store. Here, you can view new costumes and other available customization items, which can be acquired using Palia Coins, which can also be purchased here.

You’re not required to buy anything from the Premium Store to meet this objective; you merely need to visit it. Once done, you can speak with Jel to complete this quest, and you’ll receive Fabric and five Renown upon its completion, which speaking to Jel later on, will trigger his next quest.