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Palia Secret Depths Quest And Walkthrough

Find the Temple of Roots and start exploring the chambers to find the Galdur talking with Hekla and Einar in the Secret Depths quest for Palia.
Palia Secret Depths Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once Palians have completed the four Keeper quests, Einar will give them the subsequent quest as he and Hekla await them for the Secret Depths quest. This quest will take some time to complete as they have to navigate through the multiple temple areas and rooms to locate a Galdur hidden within the temple.

Additionally, they'll be using various actions and Skills to aid in their exploration as they embark on a journey to learn the secret connection between Humans and Galdurs. This comprehensive guide details the objectives to guide them throughout the Temple of Roots with an extensive walkthrough on completing the Secret Depths quest for Palia.

Palia Secret Depths Quest Objectives List

Secret Depths is the next quest for the Temple of Roots questline, taking place inside the temple once the Keeper of Waves, Flames, Gales, and Roots is completed. This quest is lengthy regarding navigation and multiple stages that must be completed as they explore the temple to find a Galdur communicating with Hekla and Einar and learn the secrets hidden behind closed doors.

After completing the Keeper quests, meet with Einar and Hekla inside the Temple of Roots by the entrance to begin their adventures. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As such, we have detailed all the objectives that are to be completed for this quest which an extensive walkthrough guide has been provided below:

  • Talk to Hekla inside the Temple of Roots
  • Find a way out of the chamber
  • Explore the Temple of Roots
  • Find a way to open the door
  • Talk to Einar
    • Return to Hekla
  • Reach the Gardener to save Einar
  • Activate the Flow Gate to bring Einar and Hekla through
    • Return to Hekla
  • Disconnect the Gardener
    • Return to Einar
  • Talk to Hekla about Einar
  • Confront the Gardener
    • Tell Hekla that he won't back down
    • Return to Einar
  • Return to the temple's entrance
    • Return to Hekla
  • Solve the mural puzzle

How To Complete The Secret Depths Quest In Palia?

Now that they have disengaged the garden's lockdown protocols, Palians can return to Einar to report their success in the Keeper of Roots quest. After completing the quest and having Einar mark off an area to investigate to find the Temple of Roots located east of The Outskirts or northwest of Proudhorn Pass, where they can travel to The Outskirts Stable board from their Housing Plot.

During the Keeper of Roots quest, Einar will have marked a location for Palians to investigate to find the Temple of Roots in Bahari Bay. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After successfully locating the temple, they can head inside, find Hekla and Einar, and speak to Hekla to determine the next steps. Hekla suggests exiting the chamber through the temple doors to begin their adventures, where they'll find a crumbling stone wall they can use their Pick to destroy.

Once they've passed through the doorway, they'll enter yet another chamber where they can find an inactive Flowgate, as they must explore this area to find more clues. They can begin by going to the left side to find grated platforms, where they can find the first chest on a large bronze pipe, which they glide across to claim.

As they traverse downwards, they will find a stone tablet on one of the grated platforms to read before dropping down to the next platform, where another chest can be seen. They should be able to drop down one last time to the ground level to continue exploring the temple, where another stone tablet is found in front of a grated pipe.

Head towards the area where four inactive Flowgates, they can trigger one of them to open a portal to the entrance, which brings Hekla and Einar to their location. Opposite the Flowgates is another bronze pipe, which they must walk through to reach the next area, and inside another pipe is another chest.

Continue making their way through the area where they'll spot a bridge, but to the left of it is a wall with a hole and vines, which entering it is another stone tablet to find. Approach the bridge with two moving platforms, which they can jump onto either moving platform, and to their right, tucked away in a corner, is another chest to be looted.

Using the vines hanging on the platform, they can climb up to reach it and activate it before wrapping around the right side of the chamber and climbing atop the rocks to reach the top. They can glide across towards the pipe with the hanging vines where a chest is hidden inside before gliding back to meet with Hekla and Einar.

Interact with the Galdur-looking Mysterious Device, where the voice of The Gardener will talk to them and instruct them to hand over the Pyroflow for documentation. As they do not have one to create more Galdurs, they'll scan the Flow network and inform them one of their companions, Einar, is malfunctioning due to them having multiple Onenesses or Manynesses.

As this is deemed an "unacceptable error," he'll override Einar's systems to reset his reworkings so that he can repair Einar, which talking to Einar will result in him displaying an error message. They can speak to Hekla to inform her of what The Gardener had done to Einar, as she suggests finding The Gardener's core, thus "severing his connection to the Flow network."

They'll have to progress through the temple by entering The Factory to find another Flowgate to activate and locate The Gardener's core. Once inside, near The Factory's entrance, is another stone tablet to read when entering The Factory's chamber, where another Galdur-looking Mysterious Device is spotted.

Go around the device to find the exit where they must climb up to reach a platform where they can see multiple moving platforms, with the next chamber seen across. Two buttons on either side need to be pressed to open the chamber doors, which they must use the moving platforms to get across.

Once both buttons are pressed and the door opens, head for the door and continue exploring where another crumbling wall is found; destroying it with the Pick will reveal what's behind it. Another crumbling wall can be seen and destroyed to open the next room, where a grate can be found as they continue down the pipe.

Turn left at the intersection to find another moving platform and a chest across them. Before moving ahead, watch out for the laser, which they can jump over to the platform before destroying yet another room and activating the Flowgate beside it.

Once Hekla and Einar are transported to their new location, they can continue exploring The Factory by going to their left and under the platform to find another chest. They continue moving ahead until they find a grate on their left and a platform below, below which they can drop or glide down before using the vines to climb to the next platform, where on the right is a stone tablet, and on their left is a scaffold bridge.

Walk towards the scaffold bridge, jump to the next platform before moving to their left, and walk towards the next platform, where they can jump and glide. They'll face a series of moving platforms going in either direction to reach the opposite side by climbing up the grate to the top of the platform.

Destroy the wall blocking the doorway to the next room, where another stone tablet can be found, and around the backside is the next Flowgate to activate. As soon as Hekla and Einar are brought to the room, they can speak to Hekla about what to do next, and she asks them to press the button on The Garderner's console table.

The button to press is the one that shines brighter than the others before speaking to Hekla and Einar, respectively. They must talk directly to The Garderner by interacting with the orb on its console table to confront it.

Speak to Hekla one last time, and she unlocks a new set of doors where the sliding mural puzzle can be found. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Regardless of the dialogue options selected, The Gardener remains resistant to restoring Einar's personality, which they can speak to Hekla after that. Annoyed that The Gardener doesn't want to return  Einar's personality, she bypasses its systems, disconnecting The Gardener from the Flow network and bringing Einar's personality back online in exchange for data she has collected from her, Jina, Einar, and the player.

They can speak to Einar once again, where he has returned to his quirky Oneness self as he expresses his sadness regarding The Gardener's relationship with Humans. They can use the Flowgates to return to the temple's entrance before speaking to Hekla for the last time.

As they explain their confusion that there's supposed to be a mural puzzle, she unlocks another door near the entrance that leads to a room where they can find another sliding puzzle to solve. We'll detail the solution to the sliding mural puzzle in a separate guide here which, once solved, they have learned the secrets of the Temple of Roots and completed the Secret Depths quest.

This triggers a cutscene where a strange object crashes at the Night Sky Temple, and they must visit the temple to learn more about this peculiar object. Palians will have increased their Friendship levels with Hekla and Einar, earn the Rooting for Meaning Accomplishment, and receive the next quest, Vault of the Roots, to complete inside the Night Sky Temple.