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Palia: Where To Find The Night Sky Temple

What secrets does this temple hold, and what's behind the vault wall? Learn more about the Night Sky Temple in this magical guide for Palia.
Palia: Where To Find The Night Sky Temple
Singularity 6/Ashleigh Klein

The world of Palia is riddled with plenty of hidden quests, secrets to be discovered, and ruins to be solved when exploring the open-world environment. With the Temple of the Gales now unlocked for players to explore, there are still plenty of mysteries to be resolved at the Night Sky Temple.

This temple is one of the first few ruins players will encounter as it houses vaults, but many are still wondering if there’s anything behind the vault wall. If players are looking to find this temple or begin working on the vault bundles, we’ve explained in this guide how to find the Night Sky Temple in Palia.

How To Find The Night Sky Temple In Palia

palia temples guide night sky temple how where to find kilima village map location
Players can unlock access ot the Night Sky Temple during the Vault of the Waves quest. (Picture: Singularity 6/Ashleigh Klein)

The Night Sky Temple is one of the first explorable ancient ruins players will get to explore during the main story questline, and is a central hub for other temples players will unlock much later in their adventures. This temple will be available to players during the Vault of the Waves quest once they’ve completed the Temple of the Waves questline, in which the Night Sky Temple holds four vaults with a mural inscribed on the walls.

Night Sky Temple Location

The Night Sky Temple is located in Kilima Village, between Mirror Pond Ruins to the north and Leafhopper Hills to the south, with the temple in the middle of these locations. With the temple unlocked, the four vaults are housed here, with each vault containing four bundles that can be completed to receive a plethora of rewards, including the vault reward.

Night Sky Temple: All Vault Bundles

As of writing, there are three vaults to be unlocked and 12 vault bundles total that players can use various Skills to acquire items to contribute towards each vault bundle. Below, we’ve listed all the vaults and their corresponding vault bundles currently available in Palia as of the v0.175.1 hotfix update:

It’s worth mentioning that when unlocking the questlines for the Temple of the Flames, Temple of the Gales, and the final temple, players must complete the Echoes of the Unknown quest as a prerequisite, but they don’t have to complete the vault bundles. Additionally, to access the new vault bundles, players must have completed the Vault of the Waves, Vault of the Flames, and Vault of the Gales quests to begin collecting items to place within each vault bundle.

The final temple and corresponding vault will likely be centered around the earth element; players have already discovered that the earth symbol is flickering when visiting its location. This last temple is located in Bahari Bay in the fields north west of Proudhorn Pass or, south of Thorny Thicket, or east of The Outskirts.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.