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Palia Vault Of Waves Quest Guide And Walkthrough

After solving the glowing carving puzzle, a disturbance was felt inside a ruin in Kilima Village, which you explore in Palia's Vault of Waves quest.
Palia Vault Of Waves Quest Guide And Walkthrough

While solving the glowing carving puzzle during the Echoes of the Unknown quest, something ominous happens somewhere in Kilima Village. This puzzle triggered strange activity inside another ruin as Jina requested to explore what happened inside the ruins in the following quest, Vault of Waves.

Meet up with Jina to investigate the next ruins in Kilima Village as you uncover a mysterious vault that requires specific offers to complete the relief. Uncover the mysteries of the Night Sky Temple as we learn how to complete the Vault of Waves quest in Palia.

Palia Vault Of Waves Quest Objectives List

Vault of Waves is the quest after completing Echoes of the Unknown as players team up with Jina once again to explore another ruin in Kilima Village. This ruin was impacted after solving the glowing craving puzzle as you and Jina investigate what had happened.

palia quests guide vault of waves quest objectives investigate night sky temple
Find Jina and Hekla inside the Night Sky Temple near Leafhopper Hills. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

But before exploring the ruins with Jina to learn of what had happened, here’s a look at the quest objectives for the Vault of Waves quest in Palia:

  1. Meet Jina in the ruins near Hekla’s tent
  2. Interact with the mysterious stone device

How To Complete The Vault Of Waves Quest In Palia?

While completing the Echoes of the Unknown quest, a disruption occurred in another ruin in Kilima Village, which caused some curiosity in Jina. As expected, Jina and Hekla need your help investigating what occurred inside the ruins near Leafhopper Hills by the Daiya Family farm.

palia quests guide vault of waves quest objectives investigate night sky temple stone device
Interact with the stone device to unlock the Ancient Vault and discover the bundles required to fill the vault. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After meeting with Jina at this location, which happens to be the Night Sky Temple, speak with Jina to learn that solving the puzzle triggers the relief found in this ruin. As she alludes that there may be more puzzles to find and solve throughout Kilima Village, she asks you to interact with the activated stone device near the wall.

This unlocks the Ancient Vault mechanism, where you must gather various items requested for bundles, return to the temple, and place the items within the vault. In doing so, you’ll receive multiple rewards that may benefit your gameplay adventures, including equipment like Fishing Boosters, Honey Lure and Tuning Forks, recipes, and, of course, Gold.

Once you’ve interacted with the stone device and viewed each bundle and its corresponding items, return to Jina to discuss the Ancient Vault, which you can suggest to start collecting samples of each item requested. This will complete the Vault of Waves quest, in which you’ll receive ten Renown, but you're now tasked with collecting multiple items to complete each bundle requested before returning to the Night Sky Temple.