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What Is Renown & How To Use In Palia

Renown is one of the rewards players can earn through progression by doing quests and using Skills, so how does one earn and use it in Palia?
What Is Renown & How To Use In Palia

Palia features various currencies and reward systems to reward players for their hard work in completing quests, tasks, and other in-game activities. While players can earn Gold from Villagers, complete quests, and sell items, Renown can help players with their character progress.

While Renown can be rewarded by completing quests and using their Skills in the open world, it can be upgraded to help them earn more Renown. So here’s what you must know about Renown, including how to get them sparingly in Palia.

What Is Renown In Palia?

palia rewards guide renown what is renown focus level bar how to earn quests skills
You can view your Focus Level from the Character menu or in-game top left of the screen. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Renown is one of the many important features present in Palia, which has some players confused about how it works and how one utilizes it in-game. Renown is a type of reward players can earn when doing many activities that they’ve done, from completing quests, leveling up their Skills, speaking with Villagers, and presenting gifts to them.

Additionally, there’s a chance you may earn Renown from completing various in-game achievements called Accomplishments, which can be viewed from your Character profile under the Accomplishments tab. In turn, this can be used to upgrade your Focus Level bar, which can be found top left of your screen below your character’s name, denoted by an eye icon.

You can upgrade your Focus Level in various ways: increase the current max cap and Bonus Focus percentage in small increments. Both require Renown to be spent on upgrading your Focus, which can be done at the Dragon and Phoenix Shrines, located at Phoenix Falls and Maji’s Hollow, north of Kilima Village.

How To Use Renown In Palia?

palia rewards guide renown how to use renown housing system writs purchase town hall
Players can use Renown to purchase Writs at the Town Hall in Kilima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Naturally, one of the first things you can spend Renown on is to upgrade your Focus Level at the Shrines mentioned above; however, we suggest upgrading the Focus Bonus to increase the bonus Focus gained from completing tasks. Both will ask for 100 Renown to upgrade, but the cost increases each time you “commune” with either shrine.

Another way to use Renown is by purchasing Writs, which is important to the game’s Housing system and can be viewed in the Housing mode by hitting the H key. To purchase Writs, you can head to the Town Hall and speak with Kenyatta, where you can receive Writs in exchange for Renown, which you can use to acquire more housing plots and expand your home.

In conclusion, Renown can be earned by completing most in-game activities, which can increase the Focus max cap and bonus received when finishing these activities. They can be spent to upgrade your Focus to ensure you’ll earn max Renown and help you expand your home by buying up housing plots in the prospects of building your dream home.