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Can the TCG Pikachu be Shiny in Pokémon GO? - June Spotlight

Find out if the TCG Pikachu can be shiny during the Pokémon GO June Spotlight Hour on Tuesday night.
Can the TCG Pikachu be Shiny in Pokémon GO? - June Spotlight

June is almost over, and that means the TCG Pikachu will be the final Spotlight Hour feature in Pokémon GO for the month. With only so many days left in the month and the TCG Crossover Event in general, many Trainers will want to know if the TCG Pikachu can be shiny.

Formally known as 'Pikachu wearing a Pokémon TCG Hat' by Niantic, this event Pokémon will be featured on June 28 as the last Spotlight of the month. As always, one of the main attractions is the chance to get a shiny form, and that's no different this week. Event Pokémon in particular can be some of the rarest shiny versions within the game.

Pokémon GO - Shiny TCG Pikachu in the June Spotlight

Pikachu TCG
Shiny TCG Pikachu is the next Spotlight Hour feature. (Picture: Niantic)

Every Pokémon in the Spotlight Hour for the month of June has had a shiny form, and the TCG Pikachu is no different than the rest of the pack. During the Spotlight Hour and the general TCG Crossover Event, this special Pikachu will always have a chance of being shiny when you encounter it.

Nearly any time you encounter a normal Pikachu or an event Pikachu, there will be a shiny form available to catch. This rule applies to any Pokémon that has a shiny form along with an event form within Pokémon GO. While you'll have the opportunity to find a shiny form during the June Spotlight, that doesn't mean it's a guarantee.

There is only one hour to have nearly unlimited spawns of the TCG Pikachu. From 6 pm local time to 7 pm local time, nearly every wild spawn will be the TCG hat Pikachu. In that time, you won't find the Pokémon in Raids, but it will surely spawn through items and will take the place of every event spawn.

TCG Crossover
The TCG Crossover will end on June 30. (Picture: Niantic)

To maximize your odds of finding a shiny, using items like the Lure Module and the Incense Lure are your best bet. On top of the wild spawns, these will ensure that you have near-constant opportunities for a TCG Pikachu encounter. Using these in populated areas will drive your chances even further.

To save time in your limited hour, you shouldn't catch every Pokémon that you find. In Pokémon GO, you don't need to catch something to know if it's shiny. As long as you encounter the Pokémon by tapping, you'll know right away if it's a shiny TCG Pikachu, and you can promptly catch or back out after.

Utilize the double Stardust along with your increased Pikachu spawns to make the most of the final Spotlight Hour event in June 2022 of Pokémon GO.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.