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Pokémon GO Roggenrola Special Research - How To Get Rock 'n' Roll

The Roggenrola Community Day is almost live in Pokémon GO. Find out how to get the Rock 'n' Roll Special Research story for yourself.
Pokémon GO Roggenrola Special Research - How To Get Rock 'n' Roll

For the month of September, Roggenrola will get its own Community Day in Pokémon GO and that means an entirely dedicated Sunday. To take advantage of the Community Day though, you'll want to get your hands on the Rock 'n' Roll Special Research story.

Special Research stories are usually tied to major events in the game and they provide a set of tasks that contain plenty of additional rewards. In Community events specifically, the research stories will ensure that Trainers can get the featured full form with ease. Our guide will tell you exactly how to get the new Special Research story.

How to get the Roggenrola Rock 'n' Roll Special Research

Roggenrola Community Day
The Community Day begins on September 18. (Picture: Niantic)

Any time a major event goes live in Pokémon GO, there is usually a ticket tied to festivities that Trainers can pick up. This includes activities like the Pokémon GO Fest in 2022 and any other Community Days that go live each month. Tickets can vary, but the community research always remains the same price.

They cost about $1.00 each and can be acquired from the Pokémon GO store. To get there, just tap on the Poké Ball symbol at the bottom right of the screen and head to the shop section. Once you open the shop section, you'll find the most relevant tickets at the top.

The Roggenrola Special Research is labeled as Rock 'n' Roll. In the past few Community Days, they have simply been renamed Field Notes, but that's no longer the case. If you buy one ticket for yourself, you can still get one for a friend as well.

Roggenrola Sticker
Roggenrola stickers will be available during the event. (Picture: Niantic)

Purchases for the Roggenrola Community Day research will be available until around 5 pm on September 18 when the event itself ends. Trainers can start participating at 2 pm local time the same day, which gives everyone three hours to complete their tasks efficiently in the Rock 'n' Roll story.

As Special Research in Pokémon GO, the Roggenrola story will remain in your inventory indefinitely or until you complete it. There may be problems catching a Roggenrola in the future, but it'll happen eventually. However, it's best to complete them on the day of due to the boost in Shiny chances and candy.

Rewards will also give you guaranteed Gigaliths and Boldores alongside all the wild Roggenrola spawns. It's a great time to build up your full Pokédex.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.