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Can Nidoran (Female) Be Shiny In Pokémon GO - August Spotlight

Find out if female Nidoran can be shiny when the next featured spotlight goes live for August in Pokémon GO.
Can Nidoran (Female) Be Shiny In Pokémon GO - August Spotlight

August is filled with all kinds of variety for Pokémon GO, and the female Nidoran marks the second spotlight feature for the month in a wide range of picks. Of the five spotlight hours in August, two of them are the female and male forms of the Poison Pin Pokémon.

One of the most lucrative parts of the spotlight hour, for most weeks, is the chance to catch a shiny. Because of the much higher spawn rate of a featured Pokémon, these weekly spotlights are the perfect chance to add to your collection. But not every Pokémon will have a shiny form to catch.

Pokémon GO August Spotlight - Can Female Nidoran Be Shiny?

Male Nidoran is also in the August spotlight lineup. (Picture: Niantic)

This week is your chance for a rare catch because female Nidoran has a confirmed shiny form in Pokémon GO. The spotlight hour will go live on August 9 at 6 pm local time. Each week, the spotlight takes place at the same time. Usually, the featured Pokémon will match the current theme, and next week, Joltik will be in place for the Bug Out! event.

Though Nidoran has a shiny form, you aren't guaranteed to catch one during the spotlight hour. Unlike Community Day events, these weekly hour-long endeavors don't boost any shiny chances. Instead, the odds of you getting a shiny female Nidoran will be 1 in 500. That might seem impossible, but you can boost those odds.

During the spotlight, nearly every spawn you see will be a Nidoran. Walking around with a Daily Incense or an Incense Lure will ensure that you are getting constant encounters. Using a Lure Module in a crowded area will be even better. You can easily find 200 Nidoran spawns or more in your time searching.

Season of GO
The Season of GO wraps up this month. (Picture: Niantic)

You'll want to save some time with only one hour to spare, so stick to encounters rather than catching. In Pokémon GO, you don't need to catch anything to see if you have a shiny form. Instead, tap on the Nidoran, and leave the encounter if it's not shiny. Rinse and repeat.

For your future spotlights, there's a quick way to tell if a Pokémon has a shiny form or not in some cases. After two different Tour events, both the Kanto and the Johto regions in Pokémon GO have all their shiny forms available. This includes the male Nidoran that will appear in a couple of weeks.

Best of luck in getting a new shiny Nidoran. Make quick encounters and use your items!

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.