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Pokémon GO Fest Seattle - Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge Guide

The Pokémon GO Fest Seattle event is mostly exclusive, but the Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge is open to all Trainers.
Pokémon GO Fest Seattle - Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge Guide

Pokémon GO Fest: Seattle is the main event for the weekend, and though most Trainers won't be able to attend, there is an Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge that anyone can take on. There is even a global community challenge for everyone in Pokémon GO to help with.

Just like any other Collection Challenges, completing the Oasis Habitat will provide rewards and a new badge for your account. Because it's not directly tied to the event in Seattle, there will also be extra time to complete it. But you should still jump on the collection tasks while you can before the regional rewards go away.

Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge Details and Rewards - Pokémon GO

GO Fest Seattle Oasis Habitat
The Oasis Habitat will focus on Water-types. (Picture: Niantic)

The Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge for Pokémon GO Fest: Seattle features only six Pokémon that you need to catch for completion. This is comparable to the last GO Fest event that took place in Berlin. There was a Global Collection Challenge that featured a fire habitat and six Pokémon. Water-types are the focus of the latest challenge.

Trainers can already start tackling the catches that are needed for the Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge. But time will run out in about two days. Access to the challenge will go away on July 24 at 8 pm local time. Below you'll find all of the Pokémon you need to catch and the rewards for completing the challenge.

Pokémon GO Fest: Seattle - The Oasis Habitat

  • Slowpoke - Wild catch
  • Krabby - Wild Catch
  • Staryu - Wild Catch
  • Qwilfish - Wild Catch
  • Mantine - Wild Catch
  • Clamperl - Wild Catch
  • Rewards: Elite Collector Badge, 22 Pinap Berries, 2022 Stardust, Panpour Encounter

Panpour is the real prize here, aside from the Elite Collector Badge. Panpour is a regional exclusive, just like Pansear was earlier in the month. This is a perfect time to claim a Panpour for yourself if you don't live in the Americas. It may spawn in the wild for another day or two, but that's not a guarantee.

GO Fest Seattle
GO Fest Seattle will also feature a Global Challenge. (Picture: Niantic)

It's also important to make sure you are catching all of these Pokémon in the wild. Collection Challenges will always differ in the methods that must be used. Some require purely evolutions and others require trades. In this case, neither of those will work. Focus on exploring the wild.

As you take on the Oasis Habitat Collection Challenge, you can also focus on helping with the global community challenge. If the community can battle in a total of 15 million raids, then a 2XP raid bonus will be given. Ultra Unlock rewards may also follow, and that means more content in Pokémon GO.

And that's all. For more awesome content, check out our section dedicated to Pokémon GO news, guides, updates, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Niantic.