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Pokémon GO Player Catches Xurkitree At GO Fest Seattle 2022

During Pokémon GO Fest Seattle 2022, a Pokémon GO player stumbled across a glitch allowing them to catch an unreleased Xurkitree.
Pokémon GO Player Catches Xurkitree At GO Fest Seattle 2022

Throughout the years, Niantic has had its fair share of glitches and bugs breaking Pokémon GO games or releasing odd-looking Pokémon or even unreleased ones. Indeed, it was only recently a Pokémon GO player happened across a blue Zapdos during a Raid.

On 23rd July 2022, some Pokémon GO players came across an unreleased Xurkitree due to a GO Fest Seattle 2022 glitch, allowing them to catch the Pokémon despite it not being currently available in the mobile augmented reality game.

Pokémon GO - Can You Catch Xurkitree Using The Glitch?

Xurkitree pokemon go how to get go fest 2022 seattle sapporo
Xurkitree is a pure Electric-type Pokémon. (Picture Twitter / Hector McCormick)

But is it possible for you to catch Xurkitree using this same glitch? The TLDR answer is: No. This Pokémon is exclusive to GO Fest Sapporo 2022. At least one Trainer is known to have caught Xurkitreee through a glitch during Day 2 of GO Fest Seattle; as a result, this bug has most likely been patched by Niantic.

According to a Tweet, the Pokémon GO player was trying to complete the Sky Shamin event missions. After finishing them and supposedly encountering Sky Shaming, the player faced Xurkitree, an Electric-type Generation VII Pokémon.

As we mentioned earlier, this Pokémon GO player wasn’t supposed to catch Xurkitree; it was a glitch in the game. Xurkitree hasn’t been released in Pokémon GO and is established to debut during GO Fest Japan 2022 in Sapporo, Japan, from 5th to 7th August 2022. 

GO Fest Seattle 2022 features the Ultra Beast Buzzwole as the limited-time Pokémon to catch. Buzzwole is the second Ultra Beast to debut across Pokémon GO Fest 2022, with the first being Pheromosa during GO Fest Berlin 2022. But, for any other Trainers who managed to catch Xurkitree via the Pokémon GO glitch, you won’t need to worry about losing since Niantic rarely recalls Pokémon from accounts.

Pokémon GO - Xurkitree Strengths, Weaknesses, And Uses

pokemon go fest seattle 2022 xurkitree
Pokémon GO Fest Japan 2022 will arrive in August 2022. (Picture: Niantic)

If you're waiting for Xurkitree’s official release in Japan in August, here are a few reasons why the Electric-type Pokémon is a must-have.

  • Xurkitree’s a pure Electric-type Pokémon who’s susceptible to Ground-type Pokémon and weak against Dragon, Electric, and Grass-type Pokémon.
  • Xurkitree’s basic attack is 330, which is pretty high. The Pokémon also has a defensive stat of 144 and stamina of 195.
  • Fast Moves are Thundershock and Spark.
  • Charge Moves are Discharge, Thunder, Power Whip, and Dazzling Gleam.
  • Xurkitree has great PVP potential considering its massive basic attack stats, Thundershock, Power Whip, and Discharge.
  • Xurkitree’s very useful in Raids, considering he’s a pure Electric-type Pokémon.

Keep a lookout for Xurkitree in the future Pokémon GO players during Go Fest Japan 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.